[Army Roleplay Map] Developer Log No.1

Welcome to my first Developer Log!

I have decided to utilize devlogs as a more efficient way to not only showcase my work, but provide a more in-depth outline for the community I am currently developing for.
A few of these images have been posted in other threads such as What are you currently working on (2022), so I apologize to those who have seen some of the related work to this project before.

The current plan for this game is to take the typical roleplay game seen within the Modern Military Community, and boost it to the next level. We will be implimenting theft and crime mechanics that civilians/non group-members can partake in stealing cargo from the military base in hopes of escaping and earning cash. This cash can then be used to upgrade weapons, armor, and much more! We hope by catering to the often overlooked visitors, group membership and game activity will improve. This experience will allow an interactive and thrilling environment for all players.

Current Progress
As of right now the map itself is a solo project for me. Due to this, progress has been rather slow but many assets are already made.

Headquarters Building

Parade Deck

Armoured Cavalry Garage

Front Gate

This area is subject to change as there’s still much work to be done.

Civilian/Visitor Spawn

Like the gate, there is still much work to be done here, and I plan on creating a few more buildings to close up the space.

What the Future Holds
My next steps will be to really start focusing on getting a majority of the divisional buildings completed, and finalizing road details such as markings and sidewalks.

As previously stated, theres still much more work to be done, however I am proud of the current progress and an excited for what the future holds with this experience.
I appreciate any sort of comments or criticisms!


Super cool, love the style. Amazing builds, keep up the great work!:fire:


Appreciate it Rez! I’ve been extremely impressed with myself in creating realistic and immersive terrain, hopefully I can keep the momentum going

Assuming that you will keep the same skybox, I recommend changing the grass terrain color to white to make is snow colored like the mountains in the background.

P.S. Looks absolutely amazing!

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