Mini Empires v0.5.3 changelog

New map, various boats, new structures, redesigned terrain, QoL additions, burning vehicles, rebalance changes, bug fixes and more! :sparkles:

New additions

  • New structure “Harbor” produces boats and must be built in shallow water near a beach.

  • New structure “Oil Rig” generates large amounts of coins and must be built on oil spots found in water.

  • Various boats have been added.

    • Destroyer: an all-inclusive combat ship capable of attacking land and sea.
    • Submarine: dominates the sea with its high-damage precision torpedoes, however not capable of attacking land.
    • Barge: a watercraft capable of transporting vehicles and soldiers by sea.
    • Speed Boat: a quick boat capable of transporting soldiers by sea.
    • Builder Boat: a ship used to build structures by sea (ex. Oil Rig and Harbor).
  • New map “Horizon” designed with a focus on naval combat.

  • Damage dealt by units and structures is now visualized with damage indicators.

  • The Core structure can now defend itself by targeting enemies with a beam.

  • Vehicles now start burning when damaged beyond 50% health which gradually depletes health over time, just like structures.

  • An entity’s faction is now displayed when hovering over it.


  • Rebalanced and expanded the Summit map.

  • Redesigned terrain tiles for a more stylized look and with different biomes.

  • Redesigned the Turret, Farm, Wall, and Gate models to better fit the game’s modern setting.

  • Terrain hitboxes now cover the whole tile making them more intuitive compared to previously when units could target enemies between trees.

  • Visual effects are now hidden in entity previews.

  • Improved size and positional consistency of entity previews.

  • Increased the drag threshold to begin a box select.

  • Optimized audio effects.

  • Optimized cursor hover/target fetching significantly.

  • Removed the minimum distance to enemy buildings requirement for placing structures.

  • The feedback form is now only available to 13+ players with minimum 2 hours of playtime.

  • Name changes

    • Tower → Turret
    • Battleship → Destroyer
    • Transport Ship → Barge
    • Transport Truck → Transporter
  • Rebalance changes

    • Turret

      - Health 1000 -> 700
      + Effectiveness against vehicles and structures 60% -> 80%
    • Sniper

      - Effectiveness against vehicles and structures 75% -> 50%
    • Gunner

      + Range 3 -> 4
      + Damage 35 -> 45
      - Cost 400 -> 450
    • Light Tank

      + Cost 3200 -> 3000
    • Gold Mine

      + Cost 4700 -> 4500
      - Income 5500 -> 4800
    • Oil Pump

      + Cost 3100 -> 2400
      - Income 3500 -> 2800
    • Gate

      - Cost 800 -> 1200
      + Health 400 -> 600
    • Wall

      - Cost 500 -> 900
      + Health 300 -> 600

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where structures didn’t get rendered in the build menu.

  • Fixed a bug where units still got targeted when behind cover.

  • Fixed an issue where coin particles were Z-fighting with smoke particles.

  • Fixed a bug where tanks spawned with a detached turret.

  • Fixed a bug where troop mode was automatically disabled when a troop died.

  • Fixed a bug where the matchmaking didn’t automatically put players back in the queue when the match failed to start.

  • Fixed a bug where the pathfinding queue didn’t remove old move requests resulting in delays when players tried to move their units.

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