Modern building tips

My name is ant244612. I’m not sure if this is the right category anyways. I am kind of new to building. New to new but pretty new. I was just wondering if someone can give me a few tips about building modern cafes and hotels and tc and ic. Have a great day!


We have a lot of post about this already so I suggest to search “building tips” before making another post


Consider searching there’s a few similar post regarding around tips for beginner builders since your sort of "new’ to creating builds or things like models. There are many ways to accomplish a modern build - cafe you should gather a few reference images of the things you make, that way it’ll act as a guide to get those important details when creating hotels.

Gather a few decent images to find proper materials, color schemes, decorations and a overall layout. Modern cafes or hotels normally feature a welcoming use of colors, try to switch up certain areas of the cafe just to feature a different look so it doesn’t have that identical theme as nowadays cafes are. Drawing a sort of layout in a software or a piece of paper and then finish the entire layout and the overall building.

Have an image on the side to use that to add those important details from images to the actual building on things that make it interesting or unique, modern cafes features reclaimed wood planks with a warmer color pallet. Mostly a decent tone color to make certain areas pop.

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Do you have any suggestions of videos or like texture packs I can look into for modern stuff?

Well some tips I recommend are the following:

  • Look and reference things from google maps, or the maps service of your choosing
  • look at various architectural things involved in building the hotel/cafe, some are vary unique, and even some cafes and hotels use the same type of structure.
  • always ask for help, when needed from developers here, we are always here to help!

Currently there may be tutorials on ways to accomplish them, I don’t have any type of tutorial on ways to create modern cafes, not that I know of there are many texture sites for gathering wooden materials, concrete, and more. If you’re more wanting to strive for realism builds it normally comes down to using textures, mesh parts and proper use of lighting.

Tutorials usually cover a lot of information on ways to create that this sort of style you should consider researching on your own and finding a handful of things that’ll help you along creating them. Explaining the (modern architectural style), whatever questions come in mind it may be best to search them up on ways to approach this.

However, it isn’t anything too complicated to create as it may be easy to make as you practice and learn overtime; I’ll consider using as it may help out with finding those proper material selection.