"Modern Studio" (new docking behavior) has various issues

Adding onto this, for the past 2 months with this new “modern” studio, it’s been the worst experience I’ve had on studio in a long time. Sometimes the game view will be out of frame displayed underneath studio, but when I try to click on it, studio minimizes. Here’s a different variant of the bug I actually have a screenshot of:

I have to reopen studio places 80% of the time ruining my workflow because of these bugs. Please add a legacy option.


This whole snap to grid update just needs reverting at this point, all its done is cause more issues than its worth. I also spend around 75% of my time having to reload studio from multiple issues, ranging from random dead viewports, to things not reacting to a simple click due to the viewport being scuffed or the window being scuffed.


i still dont understand why this wasn’t immediately reverted- the docking issues are a daily thing with windows disappearing, appearing behind studio, etc.


The real question is why they did not make this opt-in via some setting or a beta executable like with the new materials rather than roll it out forcefully on everyone while being aware of the fact that it could break the entire user interface, and potentially render it unusable.

Roblox needs to make it opt-in (optional) until it’s more mature, polished, and fully stable.

I haven’t used studio for a month now because of the issues and I am not willing to waste my time on fighting with it. This isn’t an option for a lot of developers here that rely on this software to make a living.


The new docking behavior has downgraded my entire Studio experience. From floating grey boxes to disappearing widgets. The sizing often gets messed up, some windows break and can’t be moved or scaled unless I restart Studio.


Hi All,

Wanted to share that these issues are top of mind for us and we are actively working to resolve them.

The issue with widgets not being resizable should be fixed as of this morning. It does require a restart of Studio to take effect:

We have a repro for the issue with the floating render view and are working on a fix. In the meantime, the “Reset View” Studio action will temporarily resolve this problem. It can be accessed from Quick Open via “Cmd+P” and typing “> Reset View”

Please continue to report any problems you are experiencing. :pray:


Happens when u open Call Stack while running a studio test…


My studio breaks the docking/widget order every time I relaunch… It’s been a nightmare for the past week or two:

There are also weird artifacts as shown in the screenshot with the properties. Please fix these problems.

This indeed is an extremely annoying bug. Studios at times can be entirely 100% broken and unusable.

Ahh yes, the infamous animation editor, thought I got away from this bug when I restarted studio, but looks like I’ll be restarting studio another 75 times to get started on this animation.

It really is poor that this update has been pushed with no real testing mechanism thought up, unlike every other update, which is a BETA feature, as @Daw588 said, this should’ve been optional until polished; the right thing to do would be to revert it and make it optional until fixed - as I, and I’m sure many other developers, don’t have the time to keep reloading studio to fix the issue when we do this for a living.


@xvywop @V_ChampionSSR @OXlDES7 @AstraI_YT Following the directions in "Modern Studio" (new docking behavior) has various issues - #58 by GeneralRelish or doing a uninstall/reinstall will resolve the incorrect behavior and unblock you.

We have several patches for this behavior in the next patch.


Notice: Rant, but read if you so please.

I need these patches like, last patch, please.

I’m tired of it crashing nearly every time I forget that it’s completely broken, and go to look at a scripts source during playtest and back to playtest and suddenly it crashes (not always, but VERY VERY often.)

Also let’s not forget studio robbing focus, whoever suggested that should be fired in my personal opinion; it would be a much different opinion if this was OPTIONAL.
Sorry, but I didn’t give Roblox Studio permission to steal my attention away, I gave it permission to open my old utility place file so I could quickly manually tab over and grab modules when I needed them.

Maybe I’m a little too heated, but I’m the kind of person who hops in and out of playtests/code on various projects, and so far today I’ve experienced the 100% reasonable amount of 13 crashes/manual restarts due to random breaking! In only five hours!

And back to the focus grab, why was this even added? No point in grabbing focus for no reason and without permission, just flash the taskbar or add a toggle under studio settings.

Alright I’ve voiced my opinion and I hope it’s painfully clear my disappointment with the current state of Studio.

I hope some (god, please let it be all) of the things I’ve covered are in line with those patches, otherwise, I’m gonna go insane and do something.
I don’t know what, might quit; I don’t know.

To me, it seems Studio is really lacking in quality assurance testing and actual thought when developing some of these latest/significantly recent updates. Haven’t seen a single developer ask for focus grabbing to my knowledge.

I’ve updated my ROBLOX Studio and Rolled In the patch like said in the thread you’ve sent, It works pretty well so far, No issues.

Thank you!

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Roblox Studio has been constantly breaking for me as well. The entire Studio UI sometimes doesn’t load, forcing multiple restarts. To add to the list of problems, plugins sometimes don’t load, the game viewport randomly breaks.

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In total agreement with you here, and I think it speaks volumes with the sheer amount of bugs that have appeared in the last few months and still haven’t been patched - and then all we are told to do constantly is to restart or reinstall studio (originally I was told to uninstall plugins!).

This is now getting ridiculous. I hate getting frustrated, or heated, but the studio bugs are too frequent and its usually because of some experimental forced update, like these recent ones.

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The rendering issues in particular have drastically impacted our development especially when working with multiple game instances. It is not only a nuisance, but practically unusable in this current state. This has been ongoing for weeks now and directly impacts multiple tools within studio (multiple instances, local servers, etc) and we cannot reasonably test certain features internally with these consistent bugs.

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(Kind a rant but whatever) I’m just gonna stop working on my projects until this is fixed because of this bug I can no longer test my games nor build code ect properly this is just horrible how long this bug has been going on and how much it impacts development I might as well just work on art and music for my game while I wait

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It’s already been a month and it still haven’t got fixed?


This has to be fixed ASAP, I’m literally not being able to work because of it. When I try doing a test with 2 clients all the windows get messed up and I have to keep re-starting the test 10-20 times until it works.



It’s sad to see so many people having this issue. I am fortunate to now have these specific issues at the expense of Roblox Studio crashing upon closing (Which originally also crashed when opening the What’s New menu and Insert Object. Those are mostly fixed for me).

Roblox, we need the patches really soon as this is really concerning.