"Modern Studio" (new docking behavior) has various issues

This is happening to everyone, this needs to be fixed ASAP.


Roblox Studio is borderline non-functional. Fix your app and try to QA the damn thing this time.

Just gonna ping everyone mentioned in the original post on the rollout of this completely broken feature because good lord, do you guys even use your own app?

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Still getting random widget issues that are largely preventing me getting anything done properly :frowning:



Opening 1 local file and 1 studio window at the same time, (occasionally will also occur if you have 2 studio windows opened) will cause windows to get displaced. I believe this might also have to do with the window docking issue. Windows and menus are constantly shifting around upon exiting play-test mode in-studio or even opening a new studio window.


We are actively tracking the 3d view getting docked in the top left. If you have a consistent reproduction, please DM me. We would like to try a few things.


When I open a second game in studio, the viewport frame always pops out and the properties/explorer goes super wonky making it unusable


While I don’t have a consistent reproduction, I have noticed that it’s usually tied to when roblox automatically opens a new widget, like drafts or the animation editor. At least for me this is what causes the issue nearly every time.


I also have some issues. It’s not consistent, so I might not be able to get a video of it happening.

When you playtest, and stop the playtest before it has a chance to start the server or load the game, a few widgets on the left pop out and I have to reorganize them.

Although studio is still usable, it is inconvient, and unintended.

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My explorer tab has been stuck like this and I can’t resize it at all. Even when I try to float it or re-dock it, or even collapse it. It is just stuck like this:

When I try to make it full-screen:

Edit: it has quite literally made development impossible lol


Getting the same issues. Attempting to reset the widget layout causes studio to crash:



I accidently clicked the Object Browser and now my studio layout is indefinitely stuck like this.

This docking behavior is downright unstable and needs to be brought back into Beta, because this is just becoming irritating.

Adding onto this, for the past 2 months with this new “modern” studio, it’s been the worst experience I’ve had on studio in a long time. Sometimes the game view will be out of frame displayed underneath studio, but when I try to click on it, studio minimizes. Here’s a different variant of the bug I actually have a screenshot of:

I have to reopen studio places 80% of the time ruining my workflow because of these bugs. Please add a legacy option.


This whole snap to grid update just needs reverting at this point, all its done is cause more issues than its worth. I also spend around 75% of my time having to reload studio from multiple issues, ranging from random dead viewports, to things not reacting to a simple click due to the viewport being scuffed or the window being scuffed.


i still dont understand why this wasn’t immediately reverted- the docking issues are a daily thing with windows disappearing, appearing behind studio, etc.


The real question is why they did not make this opt-in via some setting or a beta executable like with the new materials rather than roll it out forcefully on everyone while being aware of the fact that it could break the entire user interface, and potentially render it unusable.

Roblox needs to make it opt-in (optional) until it’s more mature, polished, and fully stable.

I haven’t used studio for a month now because of the issues and I am not willing to waste my time on fighting with it. This isn’t an option for a lot of developers here that rely on this software to make a living.


The new docking behavior has downgraded my entire Studio experience. From floating grey boxes to disappearing widgets. The sizing often gets messed up, some windows break and can’t be moved or scaled unless I restart Studio.


Hi All,

Wanted to share that these issues are top of mind for us and we are actively working to resolve them.

The issue with widgets not being resizable should be fixed as of this morning. It does require a restart of Studio to take effect:

We have a repro for the issue with the floating render view and are working on a fix. In the meantime, the “Reset View” Studio action will temporarily resolve this problem. It can be accessed from Quick Open via “Cmd+P” and typing “> Reset View”

Please continue to report any problems you are experiencing. :pray:


Happens when u open Call Stack while running a studio test…


My studio breaks the docking/widget order every time I relaunch… It’s been a nightmare for the past week or two:

There are also weird artifacts as shown in the screenshot with the properties. Please fix these problems.

This indeed is an extremely annoying bug. Studios at times can be entirely 100% broken and unusable.