Modifying humanoid's 'CameraOffset' property products character jitter

After a huge headache (almost 8 hours of total unproductivity) of attempting to figure out the source of character jittering, I finally concluded that the ‘CameraOffset’ jittering with an offset in the X and Z properties has to be related to an issue internally.

Unfortunately I don’t have the permissions to send a bug report. I’m posting this here in hopes that someone can attempt to find a solution or it would at least reach an engineer who can pinpoint where this jitter is coming from.

I’ve practically gone through the massive hoops of finding other ways to just rotate the character myself but alas, unfortunately it is still a huge issue like using springs (and then using .Stepped dt in the .RenderStepped spring update call), looking through the corescripts to see how it is handled (but autorotate seems to be handled internally).

To reproduce this: Literally just change the CameraOffset to any value. It just jitters like crazy. In it’s current state, it’s practically unusable unless I suppose the developer doesn’t need to display the character. However, I still do believe this is something that needs to be fixed as this doesn’t even look like intended behavior- unless I’m wrong.

Here are some related topics (there are a lot more posts with 0 solutions)

I solved this by working around the CameraOffset property and instead creating a fake character mocking the actual player.

However, the ‘CameraOffset’ property causing character jittering should be fixed as I shouldn’t have to work around it.

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