Monster Planets [COMING SOON] - Update #2

Hey guys,

Back with another look at the game, this time focusing on the monsters that make up :space_invader:Monster Planets :ringer_planet:.

As mentioned in Update #1, the game takes place on the fictional planet of Genova Prime where there’s been an incident resulting in monsters breaking containment and escaping from the Sci-Corp research facility. Sci-Corp is now enlisting the help of hunters (players) to track and capture the creatures.

We currently have 7 different monster species roaming Genova Prime (sorry no names, that would ruin part of the discovery fun :wink:):

Each species of monster has an evolutionary scale ranging from small passive to larger aggressive to science experiment gone wrong, that you’ll need to equip for and work together with other hunters to take down and collectively reap the rewards.

Captured a short fly around clip where you can see one of the species roaming the lands. And btw walking on water god mode is unlocked on Genova Prime :eyes::walking_man:t5::ocean:.

Feedback, suggestions, questions are always welcome. Gameplay footage coming soon.

If you haven’t already and would like to support the game moving forward, please join the official :space_invader:Monster Planets:ringer_planet: group for news and updates.


Just a random tip, when using the free-fly cam, press Ctrl+Shift+G, it should toggle the GUI off, otherwise, it looks really cool! and I can’t wait to see what comes of it!


To add onto this, make sure your movements are smoother! Smoother movements = better trailer!

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Great tip! Did not know about that one.

Yup it’s a science…still working on the craft lol.

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It looks great I sent a request to join the group. Can’t wait!

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