Monster Planets [COMING SOON] - Update #3 (Long Overdue)

Hey everyone,

Well to say this update post has been a long time coming is an understatement so I’m not gonna dwell because I’ve got actual GAMEPLAY to share :eyes: :drooling_face: :eyes:.

Please keep in mind that this is raw un-edited capture of pre-Alpha software so there are known issues/ bugs that I’m sure many of you will pick up on. That said, it was time to rip the band-aid off and show our baby in all its unpolished glory.

We think the gameplay speaks for itself, but wanted to pass along a few viewing notes :movie_camera: :popcorn::

  • The clip is captured in the first area of the Wasteland on our fictional planet of Genova Prime.
  • Yes we have rocket packs in the game to help traverse the planet and yes they are as fun as they look.
  • We’ve built a tagging system which allows you to tag/ reserve monsters and secure your hunt and bounty.
  • The tagging system also is used when you’re hunting with friends (hunting party); you use tagging to join your friends hunt and share the bounty.
  • The monster hunted at the end of the clip is a low to mid-tier monster. As you explore the planet and venture into restricted areas, the monster size and ferocity increases hence needing to hunt together.
  • You earn monster cards as part of your capture bounty which you can then trade or sell for in-game currency, gear & equipment, and to unlock new areas.

Hopefully this short clip wets the interest whistle and you’re liking what you see. If you’d like more background or info on the game feel free to check out the previous updates:

Update #1
Update #2

We are inching closer to a Alpha release :crossed_fingers: and would love to enlist some Dev Forum Hunters to help us test and provide feedback. More to come on that front in the weeks ahead though.

If you haven’t already and would like to support the game moving forward, please join the official :space_invader: Monster Planets :ringer_planet: group for news and updates.!/about