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Why countdown was set late July 1st in most countries?

Just to note that this countdown was based other YouTube channel’s one, except when 0 days left came. It’s this video.

One important in update

[1]Initial version.
[1.1]Calendar and holiday book.
[1.2]Update Log board added
[1.3]Now you can delete savedata if you shouts AHEAD OF FAMOUS COMMAND(10)
[1.4]Introducing… Library!
[1.5]Material Revamp

Oops, I forgor that…

[1]Cafe’s window dislodged
[1]Waffle Book’s important part not working
[1.1]Workspace doesn’t run Local Script
[1.1]Hiding truss that needs the shout command to appear
[1.2]A glitch is a glitch
[1.3]Reverting OnCollide at floor of City/Sevan, making impossible to find an Book and Donation without tool
[1.4]Checking visible that saying about Library
[1.4]Script in GuI in Workspace or Replicated Server not working properly

Holiday Book!

[1.1]Starlight Julybook: 7/4~7/7
[1.4]Shakunetsu Book: 8/1~8/15

Are you having size issue?

Looks like some avatar can’t enter from chimney.

I want to suggest Book!

Here is first feedback thread if you get lost. (-1.3/Main&Countdown&Library for 1.4-)
QA central’s thread is also allowed.

I want to suggest Location!

Here is special thread for you!

You don’t know how to unlock tool?

Tap lock icon button under tool’s name. If you are unable to unlock, hint will be shown (in console).