Mouse Cursor Image failed to load?

	if tonumber(script.Parent.cursorValue.Text) ~= nil then
		currentCursor = 'rbxassetid://'..script.Parent.cursorValue.Text
		print('yo '..currentCursor)
		localMouse.Icon	= currentCursor
		print('No integer found')

Any idea what could be causing this?

It’s because this is a decal, and not an image:

You’re effectively doing mouse.Icon ="Decal"). Instead, you want to use the Image:

Previously this could be obtained by subtracting 1 from the decal’s ID, but assets are uploaded so fast now that it can be 10 or more behind the decal. The easiest way now is to paste the decalId (in this case, 1872002727) into an ImageLabel or Decal Image property, and Studio will auto-convert it to the imageId (in this case, 1872002722)


Was looking to do this with a GUI so that players could use custom cursors for weapons, however scripts can’t do what you described. Going to use a webserver or something to get the ID’s. Thanks anyway.

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BTW, feature request that might interest you

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