Move DevDiscussion Back! (Unpacked Chrome Extension)

Want the old DevDiscussion position? Use this chrome extension!


  1. Download the .ZIP file (1.0 KB)
  2. Extract the .ZIP file and remember where you saved it
  3. Navigate to chrome://extensions
  4. Enable Developer mode via the toggle in the top-right
  5. Click “Load Unpacked”
  6. Select the folder you extracted from the .ZIP file.

I still don’t have a chrome developer account, but I’m hoping to get one soon enough.

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Source code for those who are hesitant about downloading a random .ZIP file:

It’s in the same spot for me on mobile. Maybe it’s a bug.


Yeah, I just checked the forum post from the morning and it seemed like the recategorizing was a mistake.

RIP my 10 min of work lol


@R0bl0x10501050 @Crazedbrick1

This is actually fully intentional, see this thread:

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It looks like it was a mistake.

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