Multiple Tools in Roblox Studio Broken when Any Plugin is Enabled

it happened to me when I created a new file in studio using the File > New, button, only with plugins enabled, if i disable all of them it stops

I wasn’t initially going to comment on this post because I don’t have anything useful to add, but I feel the need to state that this is still happening and has been a big issue for me all week long. I can work around it by opening up a saved file from my computer, but this disrupts my normal workflow. I need to keep plugins enabled as well, so disabling all of them in order to prevent this issue is not really an option for me.


This is also happening to me, regardless of whether a plugin is turned on and off, I cannot select, move, scale, or rotate anything when I open a certain place via the website Edit button. Other places I open with the website turn out to be fine with no issues. The issue does stop when I open the place via the desktop application.


Yeah getting a problem with tools also not sure if it’s plugin related. Opening old save files doesn’t cause this bug for me, but when I open a new place file I can’t seem to select anything in the game world. I can also highlight all my tools at once:

I’ve been opening a new file via an exisiting place with the new file button on the top left or (CTRL+N).


I’m having the same problem with the tools and toolbox and it started a week ago, yeah I can’t update my game if I cant even use the basic tools. Yall noticed this happened a week ago Also some of my basic roblox plugins like the align tool disappeared.

Nvm I just fixed my studio by just reopening it 3 times. :smiley:


I just can’t at this point… I got a fairly decent community & trying to update my games… I hop into studio & I don’t have access to any of the tools. I also closed & reopened studio more then 20+ times yet nothing. What in the world is going on lol, I have some dev work :confused:

Edit: Tried for 5 more times straight, it’s back to normal. It worries me that I’ll still face this problem AFTER I’m done & close my studio.


Try disabling all of your plugins and restart studio, that’s what I’ve been doing. I hope that this issue will be resolved soon since it’s affecting my developing time.

For me it just happens, even when no plugin is active, it happens mostly as he said, by opening a place from the website or browser. This bug sometimes happens by opening a place in studio but is rare. The bug is not letting me build since last month in my main place because of that bug. (It doesn’t require steps to reproduce the bug) a bug is something that happens without you expecting it, I just know that the RobloxPluginGuiService is literally empty. For the reason the other stuff ain’t opening.

1- I think there is something that is not letting the Roblox’s Guis load properly. (Idk what it is)

Sadly I’ve been having this same problem and it has become quite annoying. I’ll simply open studio for the Web Page and as stated I can’t move or rotate anything. I can still select stuff in workspace however I can’t select anything threw the viewport. opening it with the App seems to have fixed it for me and it doesn’t seem to happen on new files.


I’ve been experiencing this too, it also makes it to where Toolbox doesn’t open as well so I have to close and reopen studio 2 or 3 times to get stuff to work.


For me usage of the lock tool allows that to operate, but upon selecting the other tools or making an effort to do so I get the same result as @ChickenEngineer.

I will be programming in one file, open up another to inspect a build and have this happen.

I will be building in a team create, and that is fine, but upon opening another published but personal place have this happen as well.

I have not explored how it effects tools for locally saved files or attempted to fix via disabling my plugins.


I have the same problem! When I press the edit button, the Roblox Studio is break too, I need to Reinstalling studio to fix the problem :frowning:

I’ve been having this problem too. I had to disable all my plugins :electric_plug: :sad:

I emailed Roblox Support, but they didn’t help.


the same things happen to me when i open roblox studio via web now i open it via the app

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Here are some things I figured out when messing with the bug.

I enabled the plugins I wanted to use, then reset studio.
I opened up studio, and it broke the main essentials like the Toolbox, Select, Move, Scale, and Rotate.
I then tried disabling all of the plugins and resetting. This worked perfectly, In studio I then clicked Plugins>Manage Plugins> then enabled the plugins I wanted to use. This method works! but as soon as you reset studio with the plugins on, it breaks. This is hopefully going to be resolved soon as many of us are trying to develop games.

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This issue appears to only occur for me when starting a test server.

Every time i launch a test server, the tools dont work for player1 only, it is 100% reproduceable.

I have plugins installed but those are not selected or being used at the time.

Anywhere else in studio, the tools are working completely fine for me.

I’m having this too, I reinstalled Studio and then the stuff worked again but after I closed it again and re-opene it, the bug re-occured.

Started getting this issue today after studio updated

EDIT: seems fine now a day later, studio didn’t update or anything so no idea what the cause was

As did I. No change in how I build. It only occurred in a blank, unpublished place, but only seems to happen when I open a blank place file from the new place icon in an already open place. It doesn’t seem to happen when I open a blank place from the splash screen. Tool box disappears as well under these circumstances.

Same happened to me, could not use toolbox, move, select, scale, transform and others