MxtzPlays | UI Design,Programmer,Builder Portfolio

About Me

Hi there! I am a developer. I specialize in UI Design, Programming and occasionally Building. Most of my work is decent and isn’t the best. I have been Programming/UI Designing for about 2 years and Building for 1 year.


Formula X 2020 Menu (Scripting)

Cookies n' Creme Cafe (Building and Scripting)

Cookies n' Creme Application Center (Scripting)

Cookies n' Creme Interview Center (Building and Scripting)

The Royal Get Away Hotel (Building)

Admin Panel (UI Design)


I am available for 8 to 10 hours of work on the weekends and 4 to 6 hours on weekdays. You can contact me any time, but I am unable to work during the week sometimes due to school and personal reasons.


Prices are negotiable and can change depending on the amount of work and detail. I only accept robux at the moment.

Building: 800-1000 Robux
UI Design: 100-500 Robux
Scripting: 300-800 Robux

Prices can change depending on the quality and how much work you want me to do.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, Discord or Twitter:
Roblox: Mxtz - Roblox
Discord: MxtzPlays#5452
NOTE: You muse be 13 or older to use Discord or Twitter.

Other Information

  • I cannot be on full time.
  • I want Roblox developing to become a full time career for me.
  • I do not work for free so please don’t ask or spam my DM’s asking me.
  • Due to me being in Australia I may be on a different timezone so do not worry if I am offline for sometime.
  • My working hours may change depending on what date and time it is and depending if any upcoming events are happening.

Thank you and I hope to work with you! :slightly_smiling_face:
(Please don’t reply to this post as it is only a portfolio unless you have a question regarding me or cannot contact me on anything I have provided.)

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I’ve saw lot’s of your applications and it’s really nice to finally see your portfolio. All I want to ask about is being more specific with the prices, maybe you could do this

low poly: xR$
Med ply: xR$
UI: xR$

Good luck in finding a job, and I wish your career is successful!

Thanks for the feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:

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No problem, have a nice day! :upside_down_face:

Sorry about not being as detailed, this is just my first portfolio and I was only accepted into devforum yesterday which I am very excited about! I can’t wait to interact with multiple communities in the future.

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Isn’t the application center for ‘Cookies n’ Creme’ a free system?