My character is stuck on the ground in my game and idk how to fix it

I was trying to add something in my test game. When I published it, the player would fall through the map for no reason. I tried testing this in studio and the player doesn’t fall through the map. I made a separate game that had all the scripts from the test game I updated many weeks ago, and the same problem occurred even though I didn’t update it.

Here’s a youtube video that is basically my problem

My game has some free models in them, but that can’t be the problem since 1: those free models are trusted. I didn’t just go library searching and put in random free models. These were from youtube tutorials. 2: The entire game was normal for months. This problem just came out of nowhere.

Please help


I actually played a couple of games, bedwars and tower of hell. Both have the same issue where you fall and glitch into the floor. I feel like this is a ROBLOX issue? It’s most likely that this wasn’t your fault.

most likely. I had other games with the exact same scripts in it but I didn’t update them, but yet they have the same problem

Yeah same here. I found an announcement regarding the issue. Collisions broken since ~16:50 BST

it’s a good thing it’s fixed now. I really thought it was because I changed something in a script

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it’s back, and is now happening to my game right as published a huge update.

Yup, just started happening in a NEW game and in my one I haven’t made changes to in months… did you ever find out a fix?

If you find a fix please let me know!

Are you using Roblox Studio Mod Manager? I launched the normal studio bootstrapper and it fixed the problem.

Reinstalling Studio fixed it for me, looks like it was part of this problem a couple weeks ago.

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i just restarted the whole project in another game

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