My First Build (My First House And Build)

Ah yes, I remember my building journey starting back in 2016. I’d recommend looking at a few building tutorials to get the hang of it a bit more and then practice making more things from there yourself. Not to sound weird but that’s a cute build thinking how it’s your first haha.

everyone starts somewhere so here’s some feedback

  1. add a roof
  2. make it less blocky
  3. the windows are kinda weird maybe change those
  4. add more detail

there’s not to much you can do in studio exept for union

if you really want to make good models then download blender

you could also use unions to make the holes

You should try some stuff in properties like transparency, also you could set your scaling size i think to 0.1 which helps makes shorter walls

actually that’s 280 robux
to be exact

All you have to do is read this

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It’s not the best but it’s your first build. I would suggest adding a roof and taking the advice from this reply.
Don’t listen to @V0RX0, he’s just being toxic. You can make good builds if you keep practicing!

Decent for your first build but i recommend you familiarize yourself with the other shapes that roblox has to offer

Examples: Wedges Cylinders Trusses etc…

Also @V0RX0 all of your builds must be bad because going to your profile and looking at topics its empty so…

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