My first GFX. (Banner)

I was only prioritizing the character, not the background.

I’m currently remaking it, so it can look better.

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For a first GFX it isnt really good. i advise you

  • import a roblox character and a roblox model
  • render them together so that it blends in better
  • to improve, watch some youtube tutorials, unlike for scripting, they are very useful

Ah! Ok. But it doesn’t feel right because the character doesn’t fit in the background. Get what I mean?

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I most definitely am not a fan of the negative replies on this topic. Instead of telling him it’s bad, maybe instead suggest ways for improvement?

To OP - this isn’t bad, as a lot of people really don’t know how to use Blender. Blender is complicated and difficult, and you did really good. Nice work, but you can improve by making the background fit with the avatar itself. Keep up the good work.


Since he’s new to this, I imagine he’d want to learn one thing at a time. Starting with just the character, moving on to scenes and stuff.


I understand it is not the best you may see, but being as harsh as you are will not do any good. Also do keep in mind this is his first one, and he did it without a tutorial. Being so harsh will make the creator lose motivation to continue. So I recommend sticking to tips, and to stop arguing with everyone who tries to help.

It’s pretty ok for a first try. Everyone has to start somewhere! It looks pretty simple I have to say, but for some people including me it takes a long time to figure out blender’s interface. I agree with @moonartcommissions, art is subjective. As long as you believe in yourself that you can get better, you don’t have to feel bad about your first try. Honestly, I think it’s pretty good, so practice, and maybe try remaking it! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

As for suggestions, the character looks like he’s floating, which is kinda cool ngl so try and make it look like he’s on the road!

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Well, it isn’t great to be honest, the best beginners are the ones who take hard criticism rather than look for the sugar coat. I can see that you did try and rig it in blender as the grey outline does show the grey background cut out from blender rig and @Quantum_Rio showed how to make a transparent background and the caracther as well looks decently styled, Big ups for that!

I think the problem is the usage of space as the caracther does look like he is just chillin out in space. You’ll get there man the only way you can get better is by practicing and adapting new skills and remember never give up if you love doing what you are doing! :wink:


I agree. Only negative comments earlier, more people are contributing suggestions.

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Choose what colour you want the theme of your GFX to be and then set up the lights to that colour then you can either make your own background or use one according to that colour.

I stated that he’s a beginner, it says that he is in his post and the title says “My first GFX”. Saying that the “art is bad” is not constructive criticism. Constructive criticism is when you be honest about it, but also give feedback on how to improve it. Sure, he must take and receive, but your version of it is completely opposite of what constructive criticism is.

I said that he must practice in order to be good. You contradicted my whole reply and made it into a strawman argument. Sure, it may not be the best, but at least give feedback and be helpful rather then straight up saying the art is bad.

I disagree, if he asks to be criticized - as asked in the description of the post, he deserves any and all of the points that will be sent against him in those posts. He asked for criticism, He asked to say if it’s good or bad. I only did as he asked. If he does not want to hear those criticisms, then I recommend him to not ask anybody to point out the flaws in his work - or at least keep it to a certain level that he can accept. If he does not learn from his mistakes, he will not improve. Yes. I am harsh. It is a good verification method, as if someone can go through it, then they most often go higher than before, it makes them stronger in doing what they do.

How do you get good lighting? I’ve seen 4 types and I don’t know what I should use.

Test and see which one you like the most.

I agree as well. Instead of pointing out things people consider bad or don’t like, it would be better to provide tips.

I recommend using emission planes. I find the lighting on those very well. You can do this by typing Shift A on your keyboard, then select Plane. Once you’ve done that goo to your Materials Tab, then hit “New”, and select Emission. Finally, you can scale how much lighting you want, and that’s it!

I also recommend watching some tutorials online to find other ways to get good lighting!!

I think you should render your images with cycles, it has better quality. Oop, replied to wrong post. Also, if you have a graphics card, use gpu compute.


I would consider taking it down since it is causing a lot of distress and rudeness.

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I would keep it open, so that everyone knows the line between rude criticism and constructive criticism.