My first GFX. (Banner)

Yes. I agree, being rude is just being rude. We should all try to help.


Yes, but this is getting off-topic I suggest everyone to stop going off-topic and just helping him.

PS. Please don’t flag.

You stated that he is a beginner - and? What does it have to do with anything? Nothing at all. Yes, it is his first GFX. Do you want me to say the truth about his work or just half-truths? Although, just to let you know, I won’t follow neither of your requests for the truth or the half truth - I decide what to tell myself. I have explained why his art is bad, if you were unable to read it due to reasons previously unspecified which can range from anything to anywhere, then I understand that you can’t. I am honest about it. I gave feedback on how to improve it - fix the lighting, it does not blend, almost as if he didn’t do anything at all related to it - actually, he did nothing. Fix the position - the figure is too large and its orientation is not properly defined to the ground. If he is unable to fix that, I recommend trying to do so in photoshop, as it does have methods that I use to achieve such results. My version is the very definition of constructive criticism - yours, however, I do not care.

Yes, he must practice in order to be good. That is true. No, I have not contradicted your reply - I have generalized the overall wave of “positive” comments that happened after the negative ones. Yours included due to the fact that you’re trying to discard my own messages by saying “But-but-but he is just a beginner!” - which is part of the comfort zone - denial of the opposing views. I do not care for the quality of your comment as it is meant for criticism or not - as that is not what I’m currently discussing, what I am discussing at the moment is the point of your message, not how the walls around it are built. Your feedback is to feed the victim with as much “positive energy” as one could say as possible while denying any and all the opposition more or less - this is not a good feedback, this is a bubble, you are making a bubble around him - on purpose or not.

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Do Not Take The Following As Rude, But Rather As Advice From A Fellow GFX Designer

The GFX isn’t great. Here are some issues:

  1. The character is floating.
  2. The character render is 2D.
  3. The pose is bland.
  4. The sizing is waaaay off.

Analysis Of Issue #1

When making GFX with 3D terrain or builds, the rule of thumb is to create the terrain/builds. Then, you can directly pose the character on the terrain/builds without creating the floating effect.

Analysis Of Issue #2

I actually am stumped at how you managed to create a 2D render. (Unless you cut it in Photoshop, then it makes sense) Try not use the 2D aspect in the future.

Analysis Of Issue #3

When using character models (almost 99% of the time), try to pose all limbs of the character. You can pose the legs such that it looks like it is slouching, or rotate and bend the legs slightly to create a more natural pose.

Analysis Of Issue #4

If it comes to the point of using Google images, then make sure you size the characters correctly when placing them on a background. The character in question is just as tall as a whole garage door and almost a story tall. I believe you now can see the issue here.

Hopefully, you accepted this constructive criticism and decided to learn from it. Although everyone has created a “first” GFX that is bad, some people have decided to be rude and just criticize.

Thank you for reading.


Use multiple lights, (Point lights, nobody really uses the other ones that often) use multiple colors and avoid harsh lines. I would use a purple-ish light then a dim blue light on the other side. Lighting is what makes good GFX into a great one.


It looks really bad, the character doesn’t blend in with the background, to be honest.
At most this would take me 10-15 minutes, not 2-3 hours. (Not trying to be rude, by the way, just my own personal take on this. It is your first GFX, so I’ll give you that, mine wasn’t that good either.)

You should try to use tutorials, in my opinion. They can be very beneficial.


@Wowpower91 FACTS. Using HDRIs are actually the best way to achieve the best lighting. You can download some at for free and put them into Blender as a new environment texture. This creates a “world” ambient and you can rotate your character around to get the best lighting. Remember though, if you’re making a GFX like the one in the OP (original post), then don’t use an HDRI as it’ll make your character lit up. The issue then is that the image background isn’t lit up so your character looks weird.

Although this is true, he asked for constructive criticism; I have yet to see you provide any tips at all that he can use to make it better apart from the obvious points. Also, there is no need to comment on every comment that has positive reinforcement with something negative. You have already stated your opinion, there is no need to counter others’.

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One, I have not countered every positive opinion in this comment section, in fact, I believe that I only actively engaged in one, and the second way less. Two, I can counter other opinions as much as I like - just as you can, and do mine. Three, those obvious parts are the most important parts. I do not know blender more than my leg, although as the saying goes “I don’t need to know how the gun is built to understand whether or not someone can shoot with it good or bad” - by just seeing if he misses the target or not, because in this picture, he does miss it quite a lot. In addition, I have nothing more to say than it is said in the video tutorials that I believe have been already posted above, if not, can be easily googled with just the simple search of “How to make GFX in Roblox”, there’s videos going for over 30 minutes to explain it to you in detail. So, why repeat the “lyrics” of the video in a comment?

At this point, I find it no use arguing with you anymore. All I ask is that you stop providing rude criticism, and you already have stated your opinion, so please don’t comment anymore about it. I am sure other members here would agree with me.


Then if you find no purpose in arguing with me anymore, why bother posting this message and not letting go? You can’t? Also, it doesn’t matter if a certain amount of people agree on a certain thing when it’s about what it is - as they can all be wrong, and since there’s billions of people on the planet, you’re more likely to find someone who will agree with you than to find the truth, on average.

How do you get the HDRI? It keeps saying that I have no apps to open it with.


You open it in Blender. Go to the red icon on the right, add an environment texture, and upload the .hdr file into the environment texture.

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I mean how do you download it to Blender. It gives the error message that I can’t open the file. Is there an app to open HDRs?

Are you double-clicking the file or opening it in File Explorer?

I’m sorry but there is no need in continuing to argue with me. I just wanted to let you know and ask you to give constructive, not rude, criticism. Also, members of the developer forum and I do not appreciate the toxic attitude that you are pouring into every message you comment on this thread. I do not intend to respond to this message or your reply (because I am sure you will) unless absolutely neccisary.

(Probably want to hide your name at the top)

Are you opening the file in File Explorer or in Blender? If you import while using Blender’s import button everything should work fine.

EDIT: Don’t double click the file, follow my above steps to get it into a new Blender workspace.

I’m not going to continue arguing with you. It seems that you keep misunderstanding the message I’m trying to convey to you.

I’ve read your reply and said and I’m going to say this again Constructive criticism is not about giving honest and pointing out mistakes, but also giving tips, feedback and improvement. I and others have told you to please stop giving negative criticism, and instead be helpful and give tips. You only pointed out that the art was “bad” and only pointed out the mistakes that he did, giving no feedback at all. So if you have something not polite to say, or you not going to be helpful, either be helpful, and listen to other’s opinions, or don’t reply to this thread.

Criticism is welcome, but I encourge you to present it politely and constructively. Saying his art is bad without offering any tips or pros about it isn’t the best way to communicate your thoughts.


I have explained in short why that is. I have pointed out the flaws in the lighting or rather lack of it, I have pointed out the scale issue of the figure in contrast to the background, etc. I have done everything needed to fulfill a basic definition of constructive criticism. I certainly did not excel it, but neither did I fail it.