My game description is locked and no matter what I do I cannot change it

I know you’re asking about the name but I don’t think anyone addressed the description and how it happened, just including that my description reverted spontaneously, only noticed it when I was about to change it for a huge update/revamp.

Just trying to give as much info as I have on it.

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I found my original post I made about this issue long ago. In my case, once the game gained traction again and I sponsored it, I could update it again.

@M_caw Had a similar issue in 2020 Description Requires Saving Twice

@Q_Q Has this exact issue in 2019 The Place Description for My Game Won't Update

And @The_Frame has this issue all the way back in 2017 Game Description Doesn't Get Updated

This implies that the old technology for descriptions is still being used, and that old technology remains just as broken.

Hoping this gets resolved, because it shouldn’t have still lasted 5 whole years.


For me my game title & description reverted to the title & description from over a year ago spontaneously, it just happened out of nowhere.


I can confirm my game is also having this issue:

The description is set to “COMING SOON” which was the first description we ever had on the game which was more than a year ago, and no matter what I cannot change it.


Did this just start happening yesterday for everyone or did it start happening for anyone before then?

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I only noticed this yesterday, no idea how long it started happening. Had to change my description yesterday and noticed it had reverted to and old one from long ago.

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This problem started happening for me yesterday, and I noticed it when the title of my game changed to what it used to be called in 2021.

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Same problem here, title reverted to one from around January of 2021. Player count tanked in my game.

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The problem did start to happen yesterday in the early morning hours of UTC +10 (not sure of the exact time but thats when users started complaining to me about it) and the game “Updated” did not change from when I last manually updated the game description which was 2 days ago.

When I attempted to change the name and description after this issue appeared it didn’t revert but instead updated everywhere else on the site except for the main experience page ( which still kept the reverted game name/description.

The effect of this issue has been mitigated and internal teams are working towards a permanent solution for all Experiences still affected.

If your Experience is still affected and you would like it to be addressed before internal teams roll out a permanent fix for all affected Experiences, please feel free to leave a link in this thread.

Thank you all for the report and added information on the issue :+1:


Thanks so much, can confirm my description is fixed! Great work. Hope everyone affected is also helped.


Thank you for sorting this out so quickly. My title & description are now fixed. Good luck everyone.

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