My game has a virus, what do I do?

Hi everyone! I’m Teambarraca, the owner of an F1 Roblox league called Robloxian Racing Association. (RRA). I have a discord server with over 85+ members, and lately, I’ve been receiving complaints about a spam of random game passes upon entry on our game. We’ve suspected it is a fake plugin one of our devs got with a virus in it. How do we remove it? Thanks.




So Test the game and go to Dev console to find the IDs of the Gamepasses then trace back and see if that user that created the passes made a plugin you have. If not check through your plugins and make sure none of them are fake and do what they say and they’re not remakes.

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Read this and search the function PromptGamepassPurchase:

If you find something that you not made, then delete it. Also search for other keywords like getfenv, setfenv, require and loadstring.

If you can’t find something, then its a plugin. Remove all suspicious plugins that are made from not popular pluginmakers, then make sure that you have the real version, not the fake. If its still not work, install a trusted Antivirus plugin.

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Go to explorer search “Script” and then you should be able to see all Local / Server scripts check any unnecessary scripts/ Suspicious scripts and check them most of them are obvious so just delete them and probably one of your devs are infecting your game.

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Here you go,

Those are all steps you can do/take to remove backdoors within your game. Please be sure to check that your developers (if you have any) don’t have backdoored plugins.

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Funny thing because when I join the game myself, I don’t experience the game pass popups.

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Yes, we couldn’t find anything, so we decided it’s a fake plugin. I’m asking my devs to uninstall the fishy ones. I’ll keep you updated.

Press CTRL+Shift+F or CMD+Shift+F, Search “Require” or “MarketPlaceService” and “InsertService”, If anything weird comes up, remove it, viruses normaly look weird and glitchy.

Also getfenv because it could be ofuscated.

If it dosent solve the problem, create a server script and do game.InsertService:ClearAllChildren()

Basically what these things do is that they label a model that literally surrounds your gameplay view while you are currently playing the game. Idk where the script is but they are contained in the stuff. If its from a plugin you have to search every script in your game.

This is true. What we’re trying to do rn is to revert versions back to a normal version. Idk if it works but we’re going to try it.

Hey everyone! We’ve solved the problem by reverting versions.

But I will lose all my stuff tho. And I do not wanna lose all my stuff. Idk how the virus was even caught in there. Also there is another loading game too. I have no clue why people have their minds that want to mess other peoples stuff up. The people who create viruses do not belong on ROBLOX at all.

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