My game is not showing up in the search list as the number 1

I made a game called Backrophobia, and I published it to Roblox. I got more than 50k visits, and I thought it would be the first game to pop up when you type on the search bar the work (Backrophobia) but it did not.

The first game that appear was another game which had even more less visits than my game, and less players, but had the same name :confused: even though my game is older than the other one.

This is a problem for me since is very difficult for my game to be look at. How can I do for it to be the first one, even though my is more popular and even older, so I was first

The cover of my Game:

When you search for it (POV):

You Scroll:

My Game:

Check The visits: 53k and is from 2022.

The Other:

Check The visits: 15k and is from 2023, younger than my game.


This also happens to me, I have plenty of games with names that no games have, And for when i search for them they do not pop up at ALL The games that pop up are just some random games, But in your case it could be because of there game having more people joinning it while your game does not, But thats Just a theory


Yes, but my game still get’s more players till this date. Like in one weekend I got 1000 visits, without sponsor, so how can I contact roblox or someone for my game to be the first one to pop up?


Some things I learned is that this never really happend before but in this post > | Improvements to Game Search Ranking |

They have changed the way searching for games works, So instead of searching for the exact title it could be a word, But for you I dont think this is the case. The only thing I can think of is the algorithm not picking your game up, And instead rewarding the other game for having better tags or better search terms? Not 100% sure but ill keep researching this topic.

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And how can I trick the algorithm, oh there is no way? Getting more players right?

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