My gfx feedback+hairs

Im working at GFX like 3-5 months, at hair modeling week. If anyone have tips/adviсe/suggestions -say it <3

I have a problems in hair modeling like- Model broken when importing


Hair examples:

GFX examples:

(sorry if in these text have a gramaticall errors, just im bad in english :<)

Im using plugin for advanced HDRI+ for importing in blender from roblox
plugin: RBX Toolbox (Free Blender Addon) - #21 by Papa_boss332

Im ranked to member only today, i like to think my first post will be pretty <3

Info about me:
Im Kazakstan animator+gfx+a litlle bit modeler
Im creating hairs animations and gfx because it so pretty.
Im you have tips/adviсe/suggestions or other info : BB|BluBat#6964
Im speaking on russia and active learning english language. <3
My alt account: Punk - Roblox
Pls rate my works :star_struck:
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I’ve retired from Roblox GFX creating a long time ago.

But, these are pretty good GFXs as a beginner. What I would recommend to up your skills is to learn photoshopping skills so your GFX would not look bland. Next, try to think of a specific theme/background for a GFX. This is what your GFXs lack, although I don’t have a direct answer for this, all I can say is to just look at more GFXs created by other people and study it.

Keep up the good work!

Just it isn’t edited GFX. I working at photopea. I too think my GFX is bored. Im trying to make a tematic like in games icons but i can’t . Idk why. I think i need try a sharp backgrounds with bright lights+ anything specific in characters on GFX.
Goodluck :3


I think i love anything like this, thank you for advice <3