Natured | An Efficient Roblox Builder [Closed]


Heyyy! My name is DevsNatured and I am an efficient Roblox Developer, I have only been building since 02/07/21 (UK Style) but I have grown a lot and I am great at modelling and building!


Gondar's Ruins

This experience will not be continued!

Mini-Volcano Map

I was feeling bored aha so I made this!


I am available most of the time!
School is coming up so I might not be able to answer right away! My time zone is UTC+1

I am currently closed for commissions!


I am currently very cheap! Contact me and give me the details of the job, I can then decide a price.
-Will be updated when I get more and more commissions.


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Natured is a cool, light hearted friend of mine, I haven’t known her for long but her builds are cool and I can’t wait to see what she makes next! I would 100% recommend her!

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@DevsNatured is an exceedingly kind builder with good potential. I can’t wait to see their future! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @Rxse_Dev and @Crazedbrick1! Your comments are so kind!


Kinda surprised that well-known and good builders are saying you are great. (They probably have your other pictures of your builds)

You need to have more examples, from your examples on here, it just looks like a simple island with a few parts.

But regardless, good build but I wouldn’t hire you since you have like no examples.


See, I’m very new to Roblox Building so that’s why I don’t have many pictures.

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Huh okay, have James and Crazed seen your builds before, if so, can I see them? I am just confused on how they make claims about how your builds are cool.

I am sure they are, but I am just confused about where they seeing your other builds from.


DevsNatured has a lot of potential and I’m excited to see how she improves and grows with her building skills.

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I’m close friends with James and Crazed, they’ve seen my builds before I got into DevForum, I’ll update my Portfolio as I get more builds I’m comfortable with posting! If you want to see more of my builds, check out my Discord server!

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DevsNatured is an amazing builder with a passion for building, looking forward to seeing more!

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Added another thing :hugs: It’s not much but it’s work! I’ve only been building on roblox for a week so don’t be harsh ahaha.

Mini-Volcano Map

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