Need help making a non-human rig

I am trying to make a rig to animate a fridge. I have tried using Motor 6D, but I can’t figure it out. I don’t know what to do or what plugin to use.

try using this plugin, and also watch this tutorial it’ll help you the animation stuff
rig edit plugin

and also just insert an Animation Controller inside of the model, and also an Animator inside of the Animation Controller

this will allow you to move the joints of the rig


What should I parent the animation controller to? I parented it to the model, and it didn’t work.

yeah it should be parented inside the model
also here is a button for reference, it is already rigged up and it works
just click and drag it inside of your game
button.rbxm (6.1 KB)

Should I weld all not moving parts to a base part?

meh, just create joints for the moving parts to the base, weld anything that you’re not gonna animate

Do I need to publish it to Roblox to use it?

the animation, yes and also get the id of the animation and paste it into the animation thingy
put it where it says the animation id
in workspace then properties

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The joints aren’t rotating correctly. Does RigEdit Plus have this issue? Should I just use a different editor?

what do you mean by not rotating correctly? are they not rotating/moving or does it rotate the opposite direction than it should be?

Here’s a screenshot of my rig

When I try to rotate the door (the part with the joint), it moves to a different location and rotates in a completely different way.

oh wait, do you have something like a root part to connect joints to it?
click on the root part and then the part you want to animate and then create joint

I did do that. It’s still not working.

Would getting RigEdit Plus fix this issue?

the plugin works perfectly fine for me, you could try other plugins

Do you have any reccomendations?

sorry for the late reply but, here’s some tutorials that might be able to help
and also you don’t need a humanoid when animating a non human rig, just an animation controller and an animator inside of it

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