Need to close the portfolio category

Recently the comments of the category of #collaboration-recluitment due to the bad comments that were produced inside.
Unfortunately in the portfolio category there are also bad comments like ‘that’s very low quality’, while this can be constructive criticism (not always), it can be said in private rather than directly on the topic

Well, that said, here are the pros and cons:


  • Less toxicity
  • Less bad comments


  • No longer to be recommended

  • No more help from people, it could be in private

I will add more pros and cons


Disagree with this one. It is necessary in my opinion for employers to be able toleave their testimonies on the portfolio of the person they hired, as well as for the OP to add any extra information like if they are able to take commissions and what not.

#collaboration:recruitment was the problem, portfolios had this at a much smaller scale (small enough where flags work at this scale)


Agree with @sjr04 it would be a bad choice to do that, the testimonies of people you have worked with can be fundamental for your portfolio .

If is not your first time working of course.

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Sorry for this one, what is OP?

OP = Original post/Original poster


OP means “Original Post” (topic) or “Original Poster” (person), but it depends on the context in which it’s being used.

I highly disagree with closing the Portfolio category. How will we ever know if someone is great t what they do or a scammer?

I’m going to be blunt, if you think this is a good update you’ve never had to depend on a dev portfolio to get work.

Well-paying people flat out won’t hire you if you have no reputation at all. (Which is largely formed by vouches.)

Toxic, pointless comments are already against the rules, if you see them in #collaboration:portfolios flag them.


Recommendations are useful ONLY IF the person actually bought something from them. People who “recommend” just by looking at the portfolio without even buying from them are an utter waste.

I am guessing your referring to this thread

There are so many problems in this category.

Have to highly disagree with your suggestion. #collaboration:recruitment was really the main source of toxicity, since there was drama, accusations of scamming, and so on. If they closed #collaboration:portfolios, it won’t be feasible, as some people might ask for important info, recommendations, and details for it.

Most of the rude posts pn portfolios are very rare, so if you see one just flag it.

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Why would you want to shutdown a source for those who use those categories to show off their work and recruit users? This category has been used by many, including myself, to show off my work as I can’t in any other categories. Many people form friendships and teams as they work to create their project and grow their knowledge.

I understand that it’s due to the toxic posts that were made, however, that can easily be fixed by flagging a post. Those posts shouldn’t cause a whole category to be removed, it’s ridiculous to think that as well. As mentioned by Roblox, there is a plan to overhaul that section. There is something that will fix the issues, which shows that they care about these collaborations and bonds that are created.

I disagree with your post because of the things I’ve mentioned above.

I’m not even sure why they closed the recruitment. All these dreams of games that could be made will be crushed, we don’t need to do the same things to the Portfolios category.

I disagree with this as people need to reply so they can leave reviews and it’s uplifting to see a positive comment about you work out in the public, it’s not the same in a private message. Toxicity is always going to be a thing and sadly you can’t avoid it.

How is that relevant at all? I’m saying that I won’t get work if I don’t have vouches. I’m not talking about how useful complimenting someone’s portfolio without purchasing is. :joy:

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‘that’s very low quality’ is still a good piece of feedback, although it’s not constructive, the person can act upon it and change the resolution.

Everybody on the platform is allowed to share feedback on work, if it’s constructive or not. It doesn’t hurt anyone to ask them to elaborate on their feedback. I disagree with your point of “it can be said in private rather than directly on the topic” for a number of points:

  • the creator may not want somebody to message them
  • somebody might want to give feedback but they are not sure if somebody has already mentioned it, so they check the replies
  • feedback should be publicy viewable anyway

He can say privatly, why in the portafolio

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Good question, because some people don’t like it and some people might have their privacy settings high.

So that employers can see it. If someone’s service is not up to par then employer may not want to waste their time. Likewise, if someone’s service is of high quality then employers would love that