(Needs Maintainer) Nexus VR Character Model [Open Source]

Currently the new character controller beta lacks some of the additional features that make it a complete, backwards compatible replacement to the legacy Humanoid controllers. The new Controllers will be released soon as a standalone feature, but more work is still being done to have a fully integrated backwards compatible version of the Humanoid that should support all old games.


That’s great! :happy2: Thank you for the update, kleptonaut. To me, VR is the future, and is a nice experience on Roblox.

The new OpenXR update for Roblox has completely bricked games using this system, which is not good at all.

I do hope that these do get resolved as I use the VR Character model for some of my games and they are completely broken as of writing this. Roblox in VR works fine outside of games using it, so I assume that this issue is just with the VR Character model script. I’d like to see the utilization of the new OpenXR systems Roblox has in place with this to make the VR character model better than it already is.

Oh, that’s unfortunate. I haven’t visited my experience in VR since that update do I didn’t know it broke Nexus VR Character Model. I’m worried for this module’s future because @TheNexusAvenger stated on his blog that he may be discontinuing it or something.

Even if he edits this to make it compatible with the new update, imagine if something like this happens again without a maintainer… The best VR module will be dead at that point. :sad:

That is what I fear since it basically breaks VR for all of my games that use it. I have tried everything I could to see if there was a solution to fixing it to no avail.

I’m nervous too. For the past 2 years, I’ve been trying to get a new maintainer for the project. No individual has volunteers and the companies on Roblox won’t return my emails. I am basically forced to treat the project is dead in order to force someone to come along.

I’ll gladly review a pull request from someone who can fix… whatever is going on (“bricked games” is not descriptive to the problem; it may be a Roblox problem).

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Just my luck… It is a Roblox issue and not an issue with the Nexus VR Core. It just so happens that the VR Core crashes alongside it due to Roblox being incompatible with Meta Quest 2 through SteamVR. It results in just this:

My full statement here: Nexus VR is Completely Bricking Games for VR Users · Issue #1 · TheNexusAvenger/Nexus-VR-Core · GitHub

Bug report if you also experience these issues: Meta Quest 2 on SteamVR is nearly Unplayable

Before the OpenXR update, the only issue I experienced is the chat being completely broken (and even turned off) if you have TextChatService.ChatVersion set to TextChatService.

Hey, do you know if there are any ways around this or any other VR systems that support the new TextChatService?

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Looks like all you can do is wait for Roblox to fix it.


really cool resource, currently having a poke at making a zombie game support it, but controls are iffy, i like how locomotion works, but it does have some issues

Is there a way to get half life alyx style locomotion movement

Using gears likes to point where the ui is (I think)
and using the camera is a pain

is it possible to walk with the left stick, move camera with the right, and then having the gun aim with full freedom, trigger and such to fire

Should note the gun system just uses the player mouse and are gears

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This is a limitation with Roblox, not Nexus VR Character Model. I strongly suggest not using the mouse in VR for aiming. Your aiming should be based on the physical location of items.

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I do want to try letting both pc and vr users to handle shooting, any idea?

Also preventing the weird camera drift,using the Index (i know you mentioned it has issues)

Can share videos and stuff

If vrservice.vrenabled == true then
– Vr script aiming
– PC script aiming

Im in mobile but when i get on pc im sure i can figure out a way to make a way to aim!


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Oh also the camera drifting, uhhh I believe its the roblox updates but at the same time the nexus vr. If it was the nexus vr, I dont think it will be fixed anytime soon til we get a maintainer for nexus.

Question, will there be support for swimming in water in the future?

This is genuinely cool. It’s quite sad to see how barebones VR Mode normally is compared to this, and equally sad to see how little games support it.

Now that Meta devices have a native Roblox app, maybe more devs will be inclined to take a look at this? here’s hoping anyway.

I doubt since it’s not really based on the movement but the physics.

This might be cool and all but not really useful. I mean, pool parties would be great. But I doubt their even going to add it in since this isn’t based on the movement. It’s mostly on physics. If you want it to work for water, you wouldn’t bother figuring it out and making it or waiting for a maintainer which I would guess til 2025. (Just a guess)

On your character model, I created hands and guns that can be thrown and that cannot pass through walls. awesome stuff


Just learned about this cool project from a friend, thanks for working on and maintaining it! What’s the easiest way for local development?