New Analytics and Beta Rollout

Hi Developers,

Many popular games on Roblox, such as MeepCity and Adopt Me, collect data and leverage analytics to inform their development plans.

To answer developers’ growing call for data and analytics, we recently started rolling out monthly reports to a group of beta users that includes key stats and insights into the performance of their games. We plan to distribute these reports to everyone soon.

There’s now a new Analytics category on the Developer Hub to help developers get ready to use this data to improve their games. We’ll be updating this category regularly with articles and resources that can be used by anyone, regardless of your level of experience with analytics, for any game.

Learn about engagement, retention, monetization, and key metrics in our Introduction to Analytics!

This article includes definitions and explanations for key metrics, as well as some high-level tips and information to help you get started on using analytics in your own game development.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for future articles and topics in this category, please comment below!

The Developer Relations Team


there goes my analytics suite business idea


Same :frowning: was half way through

can you provide statistics similar to those for localizing in order to motivate us (developers)?


@Xeptix ripperoney or baloney?

Context: We’re also working on our own Analytics service as well :stuck_out_tongue: was wondering if this would trump ours or not.

I already made one a year ago. haha. Never released it to the public though.


Have to say, I love the new analytics. Implemented well.

Don’t worry to everyone saying they were making an analytic suit! The stats they provide are quite basic (MAU, Retention, conversion rate, ARPPU), in depth analytics are still needed.

These stats are beyond awesome. I really wish I had them a month ago when I released my new game.

I really want geographical info of my players though. This way I can see if it’s worth it for me to translate my game to other languages.


That’s on the analytics

Is there any idea when this will release?