New Animation Curve Editor: Fine Grain Control of Animations

Thank you to everyone who responded with information on the crashes. We have investigated and will have fixes out for them next week! I will update this thread when they go live. One note is that most of them are tied to the old animation runtime system, so opting into the AnimationWeightedBlendFix (which itself has been updated to resolve some of the reported issues the community helped identify) may avoid the crash until then. Thanks again!


I tried out the Curve Editor and apparently whenever I Enable IK, while using Curve Editor, I can’t use IK at all and sometimes it crashes Studio by Enabling It! I am not sure if this is a restriction or a bug, but I really recommend fixing it.

And when I rejoined the Studio I saw this!



You need to enable this setting to “Default” to fix the crashes!

Oh no, this made me lose hope in the curve editor


It was always at default for me and still crashes at default, also enabling it doesn’t stop if from crashing either.

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Your issue may have been a separate edge case with the rig. Hold tight, we have a fix coming soon.

We will have a fix for the old runtime system soon, so enabling the AnimationWeightedBlendFix will not be strictly required after that releases. That said, we’d still appreciate it if you use the new runtime system and let us know what parts of that update are not workable for you.

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I started working with this today, and while I’ve not yet created something super intricate, this is a fantastic and well-needed addition. It makes movements feel much more natural. No words.

It would be cool if we could change the length of the little dragger rotation things though since I find it’s a bit difficult to create a movement that slows down slowly without accidentally creating a back-esque easing style.

For example:

Although, it would be cool if we could see a curve editor with tweening but I suppose that’s probably out of the scope for the animation team. And it’s not super hard to work with bezier curves so this is possible if one has enough knowledge with interpolation and whatnot.

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Also I’m not sure if this is a bug but I can’t switch from rotation mode to movement mode. If I press ctrl + 2 or ctrl + 4, it switches to movement and rotation mode outside of the animation editor, so it’s not possible for me to animate aside from movements unless I manually set the values inside of the position/rotation text boxes.

It could be because of an error as well, I get these errors:

I’m having the same issue. The markers are also lost when importing the animation into the animation editor using Import > From Roblox.

I know that i already commented on that topic and talked about the issue i was having, and i found out what was making the animation crash my game. If you make any animation with curve editor and play it, if you have the animation weight property enabled in workspace it will work fine, with no errors or anything, but if you turn it off and try running the game, as soon as the animation plays it will instantly crash your game, i lost the whole progress on my melee system 'cause of this glitch. You can try it out by yourself. I really hope this gets fixed soon, since i can’t use blender on my computer because it doesn’t update to windows 10 for some reason, even tho past year it was updating fine, and i cant let the property turned on 'cause my animations will look terrible, with wrong cframes and stuff.


I’m loving this new feature. It’s great and has worked really well!
It makes my animations look better and more realistic/fluid.

I’ve noticed one thing though that has been bugging me. This feature seems to break Animation Events.

Whenever I call GetMarkerReachedSignal() on a normal, non curved animation, it works fine.
But when I call it on an animation that has used the new curve feature, it doesn’t call the event at all.

Is this intentional or a bug? Thanks for reading.

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Hey uh i’ve recently ran into this problem: The animation doesnt load when i use the curve editor on the animation. Does that mean its not out yet?

I made a plain animation without using this beta feature, when i published, loaded into the model, it worked

I made an animation using the beta feature, when i published, loaded into the model, it didn’t play.


Not just you with this issue, but it looks like there is a pending update to this as of Release 526

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i don’t know whether to use this or moon animator my beloved :heart: cause this seems really useful, but i don’t wanna let go of moon animator, i really like it. ;(

tried it moon animator better :smirk_cat:


this works great but it’s super annoying trying to get parts to move with eachother with quanternion rotation mode on because the position doesn’t have a system like the quanternion rotation
also, you cannot edit multiple tangents at once, which i think is a big issue especially for what i was just talking about, trying to get parts to move with eachother


Thats weird, because it works for me and my friends’ games. Are you sure you’re experiencing the exact same problem that the person I responded to is facing?

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Hey all!

Thanks so much for your feedback, the Editor is now live and available for use in production!


ok but for me it just ruined my career, i just dont know how to set easing direction now.

i’ve been having this error over and over

and i just don’t know what i’m supposed to do against it, i’ve tried reuploading the animation
i can’t even post the image, cool.
the error is “Invalid character encountered in marker when decoding MarkerCurve. Instance likely corrupted (x2)”
i also cant seem to load animations WITH the curves at all, they just refuse to play
After testing around, it only works for humanoids/humanoid animators… what i thought was a good update turns out to be completely useless

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