New clipping bug allows normal players to pass through walls easy

Recently on my game Captivator, people have been telling me about how people are clipping out of jail cells and into/out of other places they shouldn’t be in. This is causing a lot of problems, and while I was in my game I got one player to show me he it’s done.

How to do it is pretty simple, you find the wall you want to clip through, align your character with it, turn your camera opposite the direction of the wall, press your character up against the wall by holding S, then zoom all the way in to flip your character around 180 degrees. With a few tries, you can easily clip through the wall.

Here’s a video demonstrating how it’s done and what it looks like from the perspective of both watching someone do it, and doing it yourself.

I also created a small demo place so that you can go and try this out for yourself, you can find it here:

One very important thing to note however, is that you can only pass through walls that have a small outcropping beside them. This should be evident in the video and the place. Since I also made the demo place un-copylocked, you can dissect the walls showcased in the video to learn more about what is vulnerable to this glitch. Also I’ve only tested with with R6, R15 may behave different, keep that in mind.


See here:


I turned off PGS and the bug was gone, but my game uses the new hinges, which can’t be used without PGS turned on. Also if this was reported 8 months ago, why is this glitch still a thing?

Also thanks for the reference, sorry, didn’t know this was reported already. At least now I know what I can do to fix this for my game.


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