New Compliance Tool: Experience Questionnaire

Hey developers,

We are beginning to roll out a new process you can choose to use as a way to check if your experience is compliant with the latest policies around the world. Developers of any experiences with over 100,000 visits can now fill out a short Experience Questionnaire.

The Experience Questionnaire contains two simple questions about the content of your experience and, based on your responses, will provide you with information regarding any applicable policy restrictions.

Dynamic Content and Playability

While the questionnaire is an optional tool for you to use, it is important that your experience makes use of existing PolicyService APIs so that it is compliant for every Roblox user around the world.

Through the use of Experience Questionnaire, our goal is to understand and surface important information about the content in your experience—this will allow us to automatically adjust the playability of your experience based on the user’s local policies.

How to Use the Experience Questionnaire

We would like to start by inviting any experiences with over 100,000 visits to fill out the questionnaire and give us feedback on the process. Currently, the questionnaire is only available in English; we are working on adding support for more languages.


  1. Locate the experience you would like to submit the questionnaire for:

    • Go to the Creator Dashboard.
    • Select the Creator that owns the experience.
    • Select the Creations tab.
    • Select the Games tab.
    • Click on the experience you are looking for.
  2. On the navigation bar, click on Questionnaire:

  3. Now that you are on the questionnaire page - if you have never submitted the questionnaire before, you will see “Questionnaire Not Started” as the screenshot below. Click “Start” to proceed.

  4. Select the options that apply to your experience, then click “Save & Continue.”

  5. Before you submit your responses, you can preview the applicable restrictions, if any. You can click “Edit” to modify your responses, or click “Submit” after confirming the responses are correct.

    You can also, at any time, exit the questionnaire or re-take it to update your responses and resubmit.

  6. Viola - Your response to the questionnaire is now submitted!

Note: You should always come back and update your response to the Experience Questionnaire if any of your answers changes (e.g. because of a game update).

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to comment below and we will make sure they are on our radar.

Thank you & we look forward to hearing from you!


Why are only experiences with over 100,000 visits eligible for the Experience Questionnaire?

  • We are working on an incremental rollout as we want to make this feature available to you as soon as possible. We would like to start with the experiences which reach this threshold to collect early feedback on the process.

    After we add improvements based on your feedback, we aim to open access to the Experience Questionnaire to all experiences later this year!

Does this cover all policy compliance? What is covered and what isn’t?

  • No it does not, the questionnaire focuses on Paid Random Items and Paid Item Trading. As the regional compliance requirements change frequently, we are actively working on ensuring that it reflects the latest policies.

    To ensure your experience is compliant for all your players around the world, use the applicable Policy API. You can also check out Roblox Community Standards and Roblox Terms of Use to learn more about Roblox policies.

What do I do if I preview my experience compliance and it will affect the playability?

  • You can make updates to adjust the content in your experience to ensure it is globally compliant. We recommend reading through our PolicyService documentation to learn how you can dynamically adjust the content of your experience. Once you are done, you can then come back to update your responses and resubmit.

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So I take it that this means that if we fill out this questionnaire and our game offers paid in game random assets our game could be removed from certain countries. Therefore wouldn’t the game be banned in certain EU countries? Many more countries are also planning to bring in laws against lootboxes.


pretty nice! But may I ask is this required by games? Like do we have to do the Questionnaire? Or is this optional?


So should we still use PolicyService even if using this?


Nothing wrong with checking to see whether your game breaks the policies or not.

In other words, I support this feature.


So happy to finally see this get rolled out. Remember it being teased with game ratings back in like 2020 I believe? Excited for when the game rating part of it comes out. Looks like a great tool for those who keep asking the “if this complies with XYZ” questions!


wait so this basically restricts features for experiences in certain regions?


Glad that roblox is starting to enforce policy service more :wink:


I feel like a policy governance tool such as this should be moved to some sort of automated solution. There’s nothing that’s stopping me from lying on the form or just not using the Policy API all together.

Here’s how I imagine it’ll go:

Developer: “Oh god, what is this”

Developer: reads form

Question: “Does it xyz as according to Roblox’s policy?”

Developer: “bruh… maybe?”

Developer: clicks yes

For every question.

I definitely support this but, the community as a whole isn’t very honest. Trusting that they read a bunch of links which are highly technical in legal wording and abstracted to be simplified to a dictionary is not exactly something I’d bank on.

It might be better to manually opt-into these regions like how you would for Xbox where you agree to the following terms and the developer is now liable if the game doesn’t meet what was agreed upon. Since these policies change frequently, especially China, it’s harder for a developer to alter their game for a variety of regions than to just opt-out of the region entirely.

Maybe a simple prompt stating the changes made to policy in clear detail as each change is being published can prove to be much more useful. Id be able to opt-in and opt-out if a region based on the policies. If a change was made and they policy is something I don’t agree with, it gives me flexibility. I think a lot of developers would appreciate that.

My 2c.


They can’t detect automatically what part of your games include the policies & automatically adjust your game to not have those features if even possible. You can use PolicyService API to disable features in your game for specific players, but maybe it’ll also be possible to restrict access to your game altogether in the future, especially in cases where your game is too depended on such features.


The question is, how do you automate something like detecting if a game is abiding a loot box ban on a certain country (For example as that’s an actual policy that you need to follow when dealing with loot boxes.)? How would you even get an AI to detect a piece of code, or GUI even that’s related to loot boxes to determine if a game is following the policies for certain countries?

This sort of approach can only really work for external links reference policy and that would be very error-prone at best.



It would be really nice if we could sort games by visits in the creator tab, and also see all creations total, instead of per a group. I have several games that probably need to be filled out, and I’m having trouble finding all games that I might need to fill this questionnaire out.

Also, it would be neat if the console compliance would be aggregated with this questionnaire.



You don’t need AI. A simple prompt as the policy changes that gives developers a way to opt-in or opt-out of particular regions is much more flexible and doesn’t require as much processing power.


What if you implement loot boxes that will show what you get before you purchased it for the countries that are effected so it works like a bundle? However we need a way to know when someone from Belgium or The Netherlands is playing.

And what if you’re a developer from Belgium working for someone from the US that has loot boxes in the game? You just simply won’t be able to play your own game?

Unless there’s a way to detect it, I haven’t read the api yet.
Edit: Couldn’t we just implement this without the game being taken offline for that region?


The question can be confusing, but it’s basically asking if your game has a loot box and if the game allows paid items to be traded.


Sounds interesting. I think I’m more looking forward to developers being allowed to choose which regions their experience is playable in. I’m not so much a fan of automation so while this does currently help in checking global compliance it’s still not the most pressing global compliance feature I’d like.

I guess I am a bit overall confused about this update as well. Read through it twice but I’m not exactly sure what this aims to tackle… we should still be implementing PolicyService. Is this a temporary solution for those who haven’t implemented it or something?


From what I can see its basically a questionnaire that blanket bans you experience if you check off “Not using PolicyService”. Not really sure what this feature is aimed at solving…

What incentive is there for developers to answer and select “Not using PolicyService”. There are no benefits to that and they won’t get penalized for not using PolicyService anyways.


Taking a shot in the dark here but I am pretty sure it’s a preemptive measure for Roblox to avoid getting sued into infinity for non-compliance.


Unless they test every experience for PolicyService implementation and take action on those not using it, then what is the point of making it an optional questionnaire :skull: I don’t see how this solves anything.

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