New Curriculum Paths in Creator Documentation

Hey Creators!

We’re excited to announce new content additions to our Creator documentation!

Curriculum Paths

First, we’ve launched tutorial curriculum paths that deep dive into different game development disciplines to show you how to build and script high-quality experiences. Each curriculum comes with uncopylocked place files at key milestones, so you can choose to either follow step-by-step instructions to recreate the end result, or just grab the place files to see how we implemented everything.

There are currently two tutorial curriculum paths available:

Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum teaches you how to build, script, and polish a 3D platformer where players collect coins to trade for jump power. It provides a comprehensive introduction to creating in Studio and is an excellent starting point for creators who are familiar with coding but are new to Roblox. If you have any questions while following this tutorial please comment on our Core Curriculum Q&A.

Environmental Art Curriculum

The Environmental Art Curriculum teaches you how to create a high-quality environment for a first-person shooter laser tag experience. It provides in-depth instruction on level design, asset development, and performance optimization that you can later apply to your own experiences. This curriculum is for creators who want to learn the foundational skills to become an environmental artist. If you have any questions while following this tutorial, please comment on our Environmental Art Curriculum Q&A.


In addition, we’ve also launched a beta version of localized documentation in Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, and Spanish. Not all documentation content is localized, but we localized most of the Studio and Production docs, and we’ll continue to add more localized content. To set your documentation language preferences, go to the Creator Hub Settings Page and select a preferred language.

What’s Next?

In the upcoming months, we’ll also release more curriculums that use the laser tag environment to show you best practices for building, scripting, and creating polished gameplay and user interfaces for a complex experience. We’re also working hard to translate all the content in many more languages.

And in case you missed it, don’t forget to contribute to the documentation site in our newly open source Github repository. Happy creating!


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This is such an amazing feature! Now everyone is able to actually understand the Roblox Studio concept and how it works. I am actually looking forward to this. It would be amazing in the future if the actual concept would be inside studio itself and you would be able to track the progress in a menu.


Really cool and amazing. Very great for beginners


This is great! Excellent work, Team Roblox!!


This is much better executed than tutorials before! It’s not just a tour around Roblox Studio, but it actually provides industry-level knowledge to build the next level. Good job on that! :clap:

Looking forward to seeing more Curriculum Paths and perhaps a little gamification. Maybe give the creator a badge which they can show off on the Talent Hub, just like how LinkedIn does it with certifications.

I think with the current quality and (hopefully) proper marketing, the overall expertise of the platform may very well increase!

If you think this is only for beginners, have a look at it! The environmental art path is quite an interesting read.




Thank You @Roblox!

Environment Tutorial?!

This will help me so much with my future plans!!


Amazing Update Roblox!

This Will Help me a lot!


Even after 10 years of developing on the Roblox platform, I can still learn tons from this! Thank you, Roblox.


erm. cool but when is the melee combat game curriculum

W update btw


After 17 years in development, hopefully it will be worth the wait. - someone at Roblox, probably.


Title caught me off guard, thought this was Roblox-in-school xD

I noticed this the other day while scrolling through the Docs, so this has been out for a little (very little) while. Glad to see Roblox stepping up to more in-depth tutorials.


Wow! No more spending hours looking for roblox tutorials, and getting actual tutorials!


Localization is a great addition, however, I would prefer having the docs in english (instead of french). It translates to french by default, and when I go to change the language, it says that it is in english… So I have to put it to french, then go back into that menu and then put it back to english. However that setting DOES NOT SAVE (Cookies should be enabled). So yeah, very annoying

I also tried switching the language of firefox to english. Didn’t seem to change a thing


I like this. As a dev that struggled to learn how to make a game, like many others. I love this. I would like to suggest another option of learning. Have the Curriculum have the person learn a script of (anything really). Then have them try to change it do something else. That’s how I was able to learn, by going through Yt tutorials/devforum and messing with the code. To see what each “line of code” did what.

Also one noticeable broken script that I fixed. Now I use it to make 4 to 5 different functions. That I needed.


Hello i would like to report a bug regarding translation of documention:

As Italian the new translation feature is very bad,
the words are totally meaningless because they are translated very badly.
literally the documentation translated into my language is unusable, so I tried to change it to English but every time I select English it returns Italian.

Please fix this bug as right now it’s impossible to use the documentation.
Here’s video reproducing this bug

As Weel all the Search of function in the documentation page while translated It doesn’t work because the system mixes English and Italian at all


Im having this same issue too.


This is really quite nice, but I’m concerned about roblox programming education.

I’ve spoken with the teachers at my school who teach programming, and the content that roblox has for education and courses, like learning to program is so minimal it’s barely enough to teach a two-three week class, much less half a semester, which is the minimum. Especially for a middle or high school class, the amount of material is really lacking, especially with a set way to learn progressively, going more advanced as you go, with more activities. I think the lack of material is specifically with the Education tab.

I know you guys are trying your best, and I really appreciate what you’re doing, but if we could get more material, it’s possible they could actually teach that in classes at my school.


This is awesome. I wish I had something like this when I started making Roblox games a couple months ago. But anyways… I will still take a look at it, maybe I can still find some useful information in it.


can someone give TL:DR I am too lazy to read all the yapping