New Group Details Page is Live!



Can we have the ability to rearrange our games to whichever ones we want people to see first? I try doing it by deactivating and reactivating places but it doesn’t seem to work.


The only thing I don’t really like is how to view group wall posts you have to scroll, scroll and scroll. It’s a bit tedious.


Reading (some) of the replies, I believe that group owners should have the choice of the navigation order. While some groups specialize in games, they believe that the games tab should come after about. Although, this isn’t effective for everybody. As a clothing group owner, it is very inconvenient to have store tab pushed to the end where it becomes almost obsolete to click on for the user. Thus having the option for re-arranging the navigation would be a healthy medium for any type of group.


I had permissions to create group shouts and advertise the group.


With this new page you can no longer sort the posts by page number, making it an absolute pain to find old posts. Previously you could view the amount of pages there were and enter in the page number you wanted to go to, and boom, done. Easy and simple.

However now you have to manually beat your scroll wheel for 30 minutes to get to what you want to see making the process miserable and take forever, not to mention loading hundreds of posts by the time you finally get to your destination, which’ll probably not settle well with people with slow computers. Cutting this ability out is taking away tools from power users of groups.

I know people who used this feature, people who own and manage groups with thousands of users, and let me tell you, they’re not happy about it. Huge downgrade.


My suggestion is can is it a way to make more ranks past the current limit? Also, on my desktop and mobile it only shows the k not the exact number of the group. Is there a way to fix this issue? Not to mention when I type in the group shout now it doesn’t tell me the shout limit, is there a way the number of the character limit can be there again?


Nice update, makes it more uniform with the rest of the site. As others may have said previously, I think group games need to have a little more default exposure. Placement of the description seems a little awkward too.


This is happening to me too, I was able to go to the group admin link to go where I wanted. I have all post permissions, audit log perms, and creating and editing group games. Until it is fixed, just use this link and replace the group id if you ever need to access it.

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It’s nice that the social media icons have been added rather then having a big section just for them, but they still could be moved just to make it look cleaner.



Nice to see that there was also a few updates in functionality in addition to just housekeeping. I literally just noticed this one. This didn’t exist before, it does now. Cancel your requests to old, crusty groups or accidental sends. Awesome, thanks.


Overall, I love this new update; but I have a few suggestions and a bug report so the groups’ page (and groups system) can be the best as possible for everyone!

1. Sorting

a) Changing order of group games
This would benefit large groups who want their newer games to appear first, or their older games to appear more down, so the legacy players can still play, but new users don’t get involved.

Also, the ability to completely hide certain group games would be cool.
b) Changing order of allies/enemies
Many groups have sub-groups, it would be much better to be able to sort their subgroups to appear first, before all other groups. This would be beneficial to groups that have a lot of allies.

2. Group Admin

Group Admin is very old now and doesn’t fit the new design of the groups page, not to mention, it’s not variable on mobile natively, I have to use the Request Desktop Site function to just be able to change a rank on my phone, and you can’t do it on the app.

I know it’s been said that this won’t happen, but I’m sure many people agree with me that Group Admin needs an overhaul.

3. A bug report

Something I’ve discovered in beta, may or may not be fixed now, but, if you don’t have permissions to open Group Admin on the main page (e.g. if you have shout perms), you can go to another group admin page, and replace the ID the URL with the other group’s ID, and you can see group admin without having access to see it on the dropdown.
Please let me know if I should make a real bug report about this


I would also agree. I feel the group admin/ audit logs are now very outdated and don’t match the new style. I also think that they could be redesigned very nicely. Unless this is not already being done.


I love the new redesign but some things should be moved around.

  • Description should be at the very top (above the buttons for about, store,…)
  • Shout should be right above the group wall thats at the bottom of the page
  • The icons for games and affiliates should be smaller, like the size of store items
  • More members should be displayed on each page
  • The social links either under the shout or under the social links tab should be removed, they don’t need to be shown twice


The new group page looks pretty good!


I’m liking the new update. :grinning: This was a much needed change.


That is what I have been doing for now. It’s just annoying. Glad someone else has been having the same issue I have though!


I’m very happy with the update. It shows a lot more information compared to the old look, not to mention its also great for groups that sells clothes, due to the expansion of the store tab!


Pretty sure the admin page is next on their list


I would like to see the Group Admin page come to the mobile interface. I think this would help include every ROBLOX player.

I’ve personally had the issue. I’ve had to access the Group Admin panel on the go and I had to use REQUEST DESKTOP SITE feature. This is an inconvenience I would really like fixed!

I know you mentioned that the Group Admin panel was next but I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on the topic.