New Group Details Page is Live!



This was definitely needed, the group’s page did not match style-wise with the rest of the website so its great this update was implemented.


Really wish I didn’t have to “Request desktop site” every time I want to use group admin… this should have been a priority ever since group admin was removed from the mobile site about a year ago.


looks better and more modern, the group social links area is a nice addition. Props to the people who made this!


It’s a good change in the right direction for groups. They’ve needed an update for a long time now.


Glad this change came. The mobile view couldn’t show much but at least this change changed that. This change is great.


Just got this update a day or two ago, and don’t really like it. In several of the groups I was in, I used to have access to the “Group Admin” tab. Now I don’t have any access to it. Now, many people might think that is a small thing, but it has impacted me largely. As a programmer, I often find myself needing ranks for roles in groups, and it was nice to be able to just go to the admin page and type the number in. Now, I have to go through more work of going to a group that I do have access to the group admin in, copy the URL and paste the group I used to have access to see’s ID into the URL. From there I can see the admin and get the ranks I need. Not very friendly for developers if you ask me. I’m not sure if it’s a bug that I used to be able to see it and now can’t, but it is rather annoying.


What permissions did you have in the old page that granted you access to the Group Admin tab? Ability to create group shouts?


I basically love this new update. As a clothing designer, it makes people shop my products in a better way, with way less clicks. I love this update. :smile: :heart:


One of my games isn’t being listed on the new group details page.


It has been like this for weeks now.


You’ve got the early aces for the new group details page or that has been happening on the old design too?


I had early access.


Well, I am unable to help. I hope you will get Babet on your group page soon. :smiley:


Could be that it’s seperated into pages, have you checked the second page, perhaps?


You’re 100% right


There is no second page. :thinking:


Try ROBLOX support or telling a staff member about the bug, they’ll fix it


The tab is called “Affiliates” because it displays Enemies as well as Allies underneath the same tab. For those who do not allow enemy declarations, it’ll only show the allies section.


I’ll be honest I don’t really like it too much. I’m just so used to the old one that the one just looks weird to me. I would love a feature to allow people to go back to the “legacy” group page.



Thank you!


Gotcha, thanks for clearing that up.