New Group Details Page is Live!



About time groups get an update, All is good although I do feel some things have been made harder to use and find.
Instead of clicking next constantly why not just list the allies like the games have been listed?

And in case a group for some reason has enemy’s, Honestly no one uses this feature and should be removed…

Please allow us select a page as well when looking though group members opposed to clicking next constantly. Like how it was before.image

My only real complaints, but the rest is good :smiley:


Also, for everyone complaining about Group funds being visible, if you use the Adguard extension, you can block that element from appearing. You can turn this off or on during streams. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s what I had to do since the recent addition of “Configure Localization” with gamepages was messing with my muscle memory, and I repeatedly clicked that instead of “Configure Game.”

Overall, it’s a nice program that you can choose to unblock ads on Roblox, but I mainly use it to block elements that get in the way for me.


One other issue: when viewing a group’s store, the most recently updated items are not displayed first, and there is no option to filter/search for specific items. This is problematic for clothing groups which have a very large number of items on sale and want to highlight their latest releases.


Unfortunate how group admin etc didn’t get updated along with this but hoping to see those update soon enough. Other than that the update is great even with the many bugs it currently has.


I mean it used to be doable, I don’t see how difficult it would be to implement considering it doesn’t conflict with the original owner.


I couldn’t access groups page, I found out that my ad blocker stopped from loading (shows me a blank page).

Now I can access the group but only when adblocker is off ahah


There is no need to have two or more owners of a group and would only cause problems with how things are set up and as previously mentioned, moderation.


Which adblocker are you using? Are there any errors in the console showing which requests were denied?


Adblock Plus

There was only the “Client blocked request” error


When you do update this whatever you do, please do not change the current method of accepting members into groups. Please continue to display 20 members per-page with an accept/decline button for each and an accept/decline all button at the bottom that accepts or declines the current page of 20 players.

This method is critical for large groups with high member count that have to turn on manual approval to keep bots out (we delete visible bots then press accept all for each page of 20 users).

Example of necessary features:


Why can I only view two of my groups that I am in?

  • There is absolutely no reason why my rank should be bolder and heavier than the group title. Make the group title larger, heavier.

  • Decide on the language, “Affiliates, Allies, or Partnered Groups”. I prefer allies or partnered groups because that is what our group to group relationship is. Affiliates feels like a person to person relationship, while partnership or allies feels more organization to organization.

  • "Games" should be the first tab.

  • Move the “About” section to the right of the group title/header. Make their be a sub-text description of the group.

  • Move the group shout so that is is above the tabs but below the main header. So that it is always seen.

  • Add a “Information” tab, that let’s group owners give more in-depth information. This tab should be the furthest tab over. Also add the social media under this tab, instead of being its own stand alone section.

  • Make the members section smaller and display 18 members per tab instead of 9.

  • Allow us to skip to a certain page number of members! This is a very important aspect of existing groups. Makes it easier to find group members!

  • I like what you’ve done with the group wall. Maybe re-title it discussion wall, so that it is more clear for new players.

  • The group store should display items based on what has sold the most. Or add a filter like the catalog has.

  • When it displays members by each role, it needs to say how many members are in each role. This used to be displayed on the filter itself. This is very important for my group.

Allows groups to send a Roblox Personal Message (Not a status notification) to all of their members twice per month.

  • I guarantee that this will raise player count and make groups more successful.

  • The current “game update” system goes unread because very few people actually click over to the “my feed” tab and read about the updates. Joining a group should show enough commitment that players want to be messaged! Also add an opt-out button on the group page by group statistics.

(I will edit this as I find more suggestions.)


Hi there! Can you share some screenshots of the overlapping/invisible UI?


No need? It’s been requested numerous times before, see:

Although some may say in the event of a sort of internal group conflict regarding ownership the original founder of the group should take priority if they’re still under the owner role when moderation issues do come up.

I won’t go more into depth with the rest but it’s certainly something worth mentioning and shouldn’t be dismissed because of oh it causes more problems or it’s not supported and what about moderation?


Would if be possible to one day get audit logs to see who quit the group? I don’t believe we have this.


This update involved a lot of behind-the-scenes changes that will make it easier for us to release group updates. This is just the start. We would love to release features to better enable you to build communities within Roblox.


Hi! I was on a tablet, but I didn’t grab a screenshot of it. This is basically what it looked like:

Not sure if this had already been fixed or not.


I don’t think that having multiple owners would be beneficial to the groups system. It would just create more confusion in many groups and once again would cause conflict with who deserves the group. Including this feature would cause a whole new method of scamming innocent users.

I say that as another solution to the problem of needing multiple owners, Roblox allows us to give permissions that currently only the owner can have (change group settings, payouts, social links, etc). This ensures that the correct owner still owns the group, prevents moderation issues, and still allows people to give co-owners or similar ranks full permissions.


Within the last few months, we were able to focus more specifically Roblox groups and communities. That’s why we were able to release features in the past few months like Roblox Group links as a social link type and Social Links for Roblox Groups as mentioned in the OP. You should be seeing more and more groups-related updates soon!


Can you give the specs on your device? E.g. resolution, OS version, device name. Were you on the app or in a browser?