New Group Details Page is Live!



iPad 6th gen, iOS 11.4.1, 2048 x 1536 resolution, Firefox browser app (although Firefox has never quite worked correctly on that iPad, it may just be my tablet not displaying the page properly)


I am stuck on a infinite loop with the catalog page for the group.


Can you link to the group this is happening in?



Every time I refresh my group it shows an empty group then loads. Really weird and uncomfy.


It is now impossible to see how many members are in a given role.

Previously, I could simply look at the number, but now it’s impossible. This is important to me since when I hit a certain member role on the group (I manually look and gauge if it’s the right time), I promote everyone. Now I have no idea how many people are unpromoted.


You now have to manually do it through group admin which is a major pain.

Roblox, please revert this!

edit: when we asked for a group revamp, we meant for more features, not a different look look


That’s a stretch. I’m fine with the update, just this thing irks me.


I am not entirely sure if this is related to the recent update but worth taking a look at if it is Link

EDIT: Apparently it is not related to this according to user WhoseTrade below, but could be worth looking into now that groups are being worked on either so I won’t remove the link. :ok_hand:


For once I’m not complaining about the web layout cause its a group update. Just Roblox touching anything group related is a miracle these days. Especially if it means mobile experience wont be so lack luster.


nah that is not related to the recent update.

You used to be able to lag your browser and delete multiple ranks at once, which would result in only 1 rank being left, being the owner rank.

When I did it, it was probably 2015/16, so it has nothing to do with the recent update, he simply just had a mass influx of users join.


Aight, figured it was worth mentioning since that post was made around the same time this feature went live.


I recommend expanding the section for allies on the “Affiliates” tab: there’s a lot of wasted space, especially with a lot of groups not using the enemies section.

Maybe change it to 2/3 rows of 5 groups instead of just 1?


This happens in my group too:!/store


How has it taken >2 years to update the layout? Has the rest of the website been that demanding? (Although I do realise it isn’t OP’s fault.) Whye games, arguably one of the primary group features, the third tab? You could easily have the first tab be the games row followed by description and ranks rows. You don’t have to oversimplify something to that extent.

There are obvious alignment issues with the page navigation here.

Why is there such a large amount of spacing? This is inconsistent with the rest of the site:

What’s with all the empty space? The layout just looks awkward and crude. I know it’s trying to be consistent with the profile but that design also shares this flaw.



Can we put the Delete option above the Exile User option?
Delete is the option I expect to be first. I don’t typically want to obliterate someone as often as this dropdown suggests.


My page is displaying 0 players when that is false, this may be some type of issue that needs to be look into. Not sure if anyone else has posted about this issue but here you go.

I also believe the game page should be displayed as the first thing, not too fond of this update making unreasonable to get to my group admin page and the games.


In my personal opinion the headers “Shout” and “Description” should be removed entirely. People will know what it is without there being a header for it. It just takes up space.

Also, please put games back on the front page :frowning:


Keep the feedback coming. We are reading and considering every post :slight_smile:


Group store tabs are still caught in infinite loops while attempting to browse the store page. Example of a group in which this being experienced in:!/store

Past Page 2, the page number reverts back to 1.

As well, I’m not a very huge fan of this tab. Before, the store page would have a “see more” in which you can filter items a group is selling by its asset type and a specific filter (i.e. Last Updated, Bestselling, …). The current store page is a mash of every for-sale asset with no way to apply filtering.