New Group Details Page is Live!



Whether this has already been said or not, the fact that the group games aren’t on the front page is kinda annoying; if players see the group games directly on the front page, they’ll probably be more likely to play them. I’d say this is an advantage the old style had.


Additional feedback:

This has happened twice in my group alone where users with shouting permissions confused the group shout for the group wall (And this has resulted in 2 spam-shouts be created i.e posts that were meant for the wall being posted in the shout)

I propose maybe something similar to what Discord has when you @ everyone, and that is a warning pop-up message saying something short along the lines of ‘By posting this shout you are sending it to ??? Members, are you sure?’



Huh, but why did those users have shout permissions in the first place??


they are staff for the group

(I know it sounds kinda crazy for group staff to regularly post on the wall :eyes:)


But can we at least get a Play Quit Group audit log?


It literally says “Enter your shout” in the textbox and then you have to click a big button labeled “Group Shout”. If they still think that’s the group wall after all of that maybe they shouldn’t have shout permissions anyways lol


Bug with this new group update: Unable to claim a group.


The shout currently resembles the wall too much. It’s easy for people to scroll right past it without noticing. Perhaps make the text in it bold to make it stand out a bit more from the very similarly formatted group wall.

It should also perhaps be displayed below the group description, as it’s less likely to contain relevant information to new members than the description is.


We are transitioning from a yellow sticky note to a blurb that looks no different than anything else on the page; It’s going to be overlooked. I agree, there needs to be something to make it stand out. Perhaps still tinting the post, blue maybe? or outlining it?

On the topic of new members vs. current members, perhaps Roblox should present relevant information to each type. Description first for new members, shout first for current members.

Edit: Yesterday I tried to reply to someone on the group wall… but I did it in the shout instead. It was super embarrassing…


Hi everyone,

We are still taking feedback as Iron_Legion mentioned, but please take care to not bring up duplicate issues if possible (e.g. group games not being prominent enough). We read through every single post. It will help us look through everything more easily!

See the OP for the list of known issues that we are tackling first.



I think what’s more important than group games being first is the ability for the group owner to reorganize the tabs. Group games first may make sense for some groups, but not all. A clothing group would probably want their store first, for example.


Ultimately, we’re not planning for any new functionality for this release. This update is more similar to a reskin than a redesign of the page. Being able to reorganize the tabs could be something we consider in the future.


I’m the owner of this group and I don’t have permission to post to the wall?


When reporting issues like these, please make sure to add a link to the group.

Are you able to post on the wall of other groups? If you cannot post on any group, please confirm that you have this Setting set to “Friends” and not “No one”:


I found another issue: the new groups page shows terminated users in the members section. I don’t think that this should be a thing. Also, I believe terminated users should leave all groups that they don’t own upon termination (and have the other procedure for if they do own groups)


I’m pretty sure they don’t automatically leave groups because of appeals- I’d rather not come back from a termination to see that I am no longer in all the groups I don’t own (especially those I have a rank in). It is, however, an issue that terminated users show up in the list.


That’s fair.


I do not think this is unique to the new page, I believe this has always been the behavior


off topic, but that help thing mentions the forums. that should probably be addressed too considering the forums are long gone.


You should file it as a separate bug report.