New Group Details Page is Live!



No, old group pages would hide the members that were terminated in the list but still count towards the rank’s (and group’s) member count. They were also still shown in Group Admin and you were able to change their rank and exile them.


On my mobile device, when logged into my account ‘mightybaseplate’ I’m able to see all the group games on mobile thanks to the new group page update, however when I’m logged in my account ‘mightyplate2’ which does not have studio access, I cannot see this tab.

As a developer this made it harder for me to find my own game to test it on mobile, but as a player this could effect my game discovery in the future, if group games become a viable way for users to find new games by creators they love

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Is your alternate account ‘mightyplate2’ on the beta testing list? If not, then you will only be able to see the new games tab on mobile when logged into ‘mightybaseplate’ as the new group details page is only live for beta testers at the moment.


The dropdowns have a higher z-index than the navigation bar. When scrolling down over open dropdown, they overlap the navigation bar rather than the navigation bar overlapping the dropdowns as expected.

Current behavior:

Expected behavior:


As UnderMyWheel asked, the new group details page is only live for beta testers, and the group games tab is only live on the new group details page. Please let me know if this solves your problem!

Can't view group games on mobile without studio access

Yep this was my problem! ‘mightyplate2’ is not a beta tester!


Just logged on and noticed this issue with group games.

Some of the group games are not showing under the tab on the new group layout theme. Not sure if this is a bug or just a freak thing? I did notice this is happening within all of the groups I am in.


Shown with new group layout only one game appears.

Shown with original group page and all the games appear.

Group games aren't showing

I got this same issue, one of my groups doesn’t show all the games.

A little annoying, but this group layout isn’t live yet so it’s ok.


Hey there! We are aware of this issue and are actively fixing it before our public release. Thanks for the report!

Group Page Game Bug

Are there any plans to implement some of the suggestions posted by other users above for the public release? (Such as layout updates or showing member count for each rank, etc)


A note here. No idea if it’s known already, but you can see banned people. Big danger for people banned for inappropriate names.


Yes, please refer to the list of known issues in the OP for some of the common issues. The reason we didn’t release to all users last year is because we want to fix some items on the list before rolling out to all users. Additionally, we will continue to fix bugs and make updates even after the public release.

Group Games Not Displaying Properly



Some ranks that are long are not displayed completely as shown, although there’s a huge chunk of space on the right.


Been some time now, for the most part I have gotten used to this layout and I don’t mind it now :smiley:


Hey there,
In case you need more data on the games issue, here’s my group as well.

Thanks for refining this before release.


An incredibly simple feature I thought would be in this redesign but isn’t would be a max character indicator for group shouts. I remember this being a thing with Roblox+ but personally this would be extremely useful to have as I often go over the max character limit by just one or two words (we shouldn’t need to rely on a third-party plugin or determine the character count of every shout we make).


The new groups page is awesome. I see no bugs so far with it. I also tested it out on my Samsung galaxy note 8 and it is awesome there as well. no bugs there so far. I like this change.


Love the fact that games aren’t hidden under a tab anymore, however I’m now getting this bug when trying to exile someone for spamming their game link:


Thanks for the report. We will get a fix out as soon as possible!


The page was updated and I personally feel overwhelmed with the ‘About’ Tab and the amount of information presented

There is

  1. The group shout
  2. The group description
  3. The group games
  4. The group ranks
  5. The group Social Media Links
    and finally
  6. The group wall

Groups games are now hidden behind the requirement of scrolling down to see them (instead of being under it’s own tab, it is now under the group shout and group description), and the group wall is given even less importance being pushed even further down.

My suggestion would be to give the group wall it’s own tab to reduce the amount of information under the About tab and to give weight to the group wall. I know for my group, the wall plays a huge role in the engagement and I am worried about the current placement affecting that.