New Group Details Page is Live!



I notice the games tab on our page is scrambled with this new system. We had a specefic order that our games appeared in the games tab, we set this by making undesired games inactive and made them active again, Now, it doesn’t show our most popular games on the first page anymore.

This is what the order is on our old group page, which is much more ideal. But I feel like this was scrambled as well. Unit 1968 being featured on our first page.

I’d really like a way to sort this. I’d like to have them in order of concurrent players. So it promotes our more popular and completed games above our garbage archive versions of our games.

I’m sure any groups that have more than 5 games can agree with this. We plan on releasing many full experiences on our group page, and I’d like to be able to have some control which ones appear above the others.

Also, I liked having the games tab personally, that’s most likely bias because we have 9 games to play


Will the group store properly display group models now with these coming updates?


is there a way to show exact member count anymore?


even when I hover over the number, it does not tell me exact number anymore.

and the counter by Members was also removed

is this intentional?


Good things about the latest changes:

  • The store tab now works correctly with items in order of last updated and switching pages doesn’t loop back to page one. The store tab is perfect at this point, great job!

Not so good things about the latest changes:

  • Group games are now beneath the description which feels less prominent. Took me several minutes to figure out where they had gone and I even went to the group admin to make sure “group games visible” hadn’t been toggled false by mistake. Players are used to a tab and they are going to search for a tab before they think about scrolling down.
  • Instead of fixing this, member count per rank was removed?


Can we reorder this dropdown to be better grouped?
Leave Group and Remove Primary are in a very awkward place and Audit Log being an admin tool is completely separated from Group Admin.

I think this ordering makes more sense and would lessen the amount of searching users need to do to find what they’re looking for:

  • Group Admin
  • Audit Log
  • Advertise Group
  • Remove Primary
  • Leave Group
  • Report Abuse



Hi everyone,

We have implemented a lot of your feedback and now the page is live for all users! Feel free to continue posting bugs or issues that you find, but please check if someone else has reported it first. :slight_smile:


On locked groups, I find that I am unable to leave them. Nothing happens whenever I click the Leave Group button that is shown on locked group pages.


Not sure if this is intentional or not, but the “Affiliates” tab, when opened, displays the title of “Allies”. Again, not sure if this is intentional, but it’s not coherent and could be confusing for some.


This wasn’t fixed before release so I’m kinda upset

Like I said before,
We had a specefic order of games in our group tab, and now it’s all scrambled showing our old games before all the new ones.

I’d wish we would have the power to pick which games are on this ‘first page’ like we did before by making games unactive and re-active. We can’t do this anymore. most of our games have VIP servers and we wouldn’t want to rip anyone off.


You can see it. It’s just on the dropdown menu.

Example: Kestrel


I feel like the Affiliates / Allies page should have kept the old style. You could be allies with some important groups to you and allies with groups not as important but those not important groups would be prioritised over let’s say your 2nd group.


You are correct; the feature was added when it went public. It was not included in the Beta version when I made the post in December.


I’m also struggling with this - one of my most popular games is on the second page. Are they just randomly scrambled?


Similar to the way games are not visible if there are no games, could the affiliates and store tabs be hidden if there are no allies or store items?


They seem to be randomly scrambled at the moment.


I really like this change! However, I feel like having the group shout be the first thing you see instead of the group description is a little bit jarring.


Apologies in that case, that’s my mistake. I didn’t check the date of your post before replying :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe it would be nice if you are able to edit the Description on the group profile page, some as for uploading/ changing your group profile picture. Without you need to go into ‘Group Admin’ to update it.
Also would be nice if you can see the full group members number back or at least people that have build access.

Here is a example of what i mean:
*Note the litte icon pictures that are used are from google.


This new layout seems to be more mobile-friendly to me, but on the other hand I prefer the old layout on desktops.


This updated was needed, the other layout didn’t fit with the modern style of the website now. I can finally view group games on mobile without having to search them up.