New Improvements to the Creator Marketplace

This upload limit doesn’t apply to private assets. Very few developers want to come onto Roblox with the sole intent of providing open-sourced content. You can upload as many private assets as you want, the limit only comes into play when you’re making open-sourced content.


Actually that makes sense but still someone could just make a ton of bots with premium.


$50 a month is kind of a lot of money, but people these days are crazy enough to do that just so they could spam


New developers are not restricted - but limited. Roblox respects new developers too, but for logistical purposes they cannot hand over complete permissions without some verification.

p.s. I don’t believe that developers who aren’t ID verified are lower class, but I do believe that inevitably ID verification is a (smart) way to separate casual devs from developers who want to be professional here. Again, nothing wrong with being a casual dev - but Roblox must pick and choose their battles; it’s either the bots, viruses, or small restricts for non-verified users.


This update is slick as heck. Love the UI. :sunglasses:

Also a possibly odd ask, but would it be possible to see more situational suggestions? For instance, inferring the game’s theme from previously inserted content? Or perhaps from the game’s name, genre, etc?

It’d also be fantastic to have age-related suggestions for trending. Most of the current trending stuff are for younger users, their uses do not line up with mine at all. This can most obviously be seen for images - so many trending images are likely from younger users thinking it’s a free item that they can get.


Hang on? Not restricted but limited… Restricted and limited are the same words basically if a person is limited to do something they are basically restricted to do stuff.


It is that time yet again, to delve deeper into 1 of ROBLOX’s big changes in relation with the Creator Marketplace! :thinking: Let’s start off from the beginning, shall we?

This is already a great change and I am already a fan of the new category changes with this here, I believe this was one of the Marketplace’s biggest flaws without the ability to search via category during the time, but now we have this!

The differences between the ability to know what’s Music and what’s considered SFX is legit now, and oh my goodness I am extremely grateful for this upcoming change that’s coming in May

Again, one thing which was flawed within the Audio Marketplace was the limited search filters on different Audios, and my post from an earlier audio update already removes off a major flaw off of most of everyone’s issues:

This will definitely help out a bit, but I would suggest one other thing in relation with this change here, which would allow us the ability to give us a preview on what’s inside the Model’s Descendants (Kinda like inserting it in the Explorer, but it shows the Model’s hierarchy, the ability to view what kinds of Scripts you’re looking at here, and allows you to double safe-check before confirming that’s the exact Model you want to put in your game)


I’m gonna be straight-forward honest, I have very mixed opinions about this here

One being, yes I do appreciate the ability with ID users having 2x the ability to upload more than usual but now that Creators/Regular Developers can upload a set number of Objects (Decals, Models, Meshes) I feel like the number should be increased considering the amount of backlash that you all received last time you made a major update like this relevant to the major Audio Update

Of course that’s just me, but it just feels like we’re being more strict on the amount of things we can do around here nowadays

Overall though, I feel like this change was a definite improvement over the last couple of updates and I do hope that we receive more transparency for future updates like this here :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok and?, Literally nothing is going to change you can still uploaded unlimited assets for free they just limitation on making them public.


Thanks for the suggestion. We are indeed looking into options for creators to increase upload limits without an ID, and will report back here once we have more to share.


I’d argue that being able to share assets is an important part of growing as a developer. However, I do agree that it isn’t technically necessary.

My main point was that asking for ID to be able to publish over 10 models is very harsh and off-putting, especially if you’re new to developing.

I don’t see why it has to be guilty until proven innocent. There are other ways to build trust. Plus, it’s kinda obvious when somebody’s clearly trying to abuse the system, and moderation can deal with those users.

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This is kind of in place and it has been for a while (however you cannot view scripts or properties, only descendants and their names and you can tell the types by their icons.) Just click the magnifying glass on a model, then press the icon that has a couple of lines and dots.

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If you are new into developing do you think you will need to publish more than 10 models per month to the public? I’ve been dev’ing on here for 3+ years and I don’t think i’ve made 10 public models yet.


I actually mostly agree to this point.

One of the hard things would be figuring out the requirements of giving over more permissions to developers. Unless Roblox takes into account the duration that you’ve been in studio, or how much Robux you’ve made overall, it’d be hard to determine who’s a real developer vs not one.

There’s more than enough alt accounts that are over a year old, plus bots can play games for extended periods of time which can also spoof how many visits a person has gotten.

It’s kinda unfortunate, but that’s the downside to a free to play platform where you can create a new account at any time :l


It still would be nice to view what scripts inside of Models we’re exacting putting inside our game, otherwise chances are we’re injecting some random “Bonzi Buddy” virus in it without looking at the Model at all, and I don’t wanna have to open it up, wait for my laptop to load all its Children (Depending on the size of Model), then open up all the Scripts afterwards 1 by 1


You’re definitely right about 10 being pretty debilitating, and I made a comment on that before:

However, people should consider the win/loss aspect from Roblox’s perspective.

Loss: developers aren’t able to provide as much open-sourced content as they would like.

Win: less bots are able to upload malicious plugins and models, less people are complaining about having to sift through their code for some malicious require, and it also reduces the number of beginner devs/people being victims of viruses, especially when often these people are just messing around in studio and can’t discern between genuine and malicious code.

The thing is, moderation history and account creation date aren’t always something that can be relied upon. There are countless old, inactive accounts that have no moderation history but whose account information has been posted somewhere online. Anyone can pick these accounts up and use them to spread malicious content, especially with automation/botting being a possibility.


Yeah, of course. It’s definitely a reasonable choice to make on Roblox’s end. Now that a staff member has said that they’re looking into ways for non-verified users to expand their upload limits, it’s much more understandable.

I really am happy that they’re gonna be cleaning up the asset library, and now that it’s confirmed that they’re at least trying to allow non-verified users to get higher publish limits, I’m much less worried about this update.


Id also say is why isn’t PayPal or bank account isn’t a method to verify ID as one must be 18 to have a bank account :thinking: with that said though this ID system sucks next 1 year or something roblox will require your ID to just use studio at this rate.

Many devs will hate this post. And I genuinely cant be bothered so I will ignore them because they don’t care and have ID verified themselves but its really is annoying on so many levels.


And nothing about putting animations on-sale? Rather disappointing.


Can we still upload more than 10 meshes and decals each month for our own games privately and not as public assets? My game relies a LOT on having tons of fictional brands, graffiti and complex buildings. If not, please increase this, because this is getting ridiculous. Roblox is calling itself an immersive platform that empowers imagination, but if this limits private meshes & decals as well, then Roblox successfully loses that slogan.


I too am wondering this. I have to upload 300+ meshes a month to import Source maps to ROBLOX for my fans to play.


yes, you can upload unlimited assets privately

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