New Laser Tag Studio Template!

Perfect template. It’s really helping me in the basics of PvP! But… I walked into an error. Probably get this fixed in the next patch, eh?


That’s an issue with the CoreGui / roblox menu and not with this template

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Hey uhm, Im trying to configure it to be 3rd person, how would i do it? im just a beginner thats why, could someone help me?

or like just a way to make it toggle between 3rd and first

without it looking werid btw, like if i just set the camera to classic, it just has the viewmodel stuck in your screen, and your actual character isent holding it, and it shoots yourself

how would i fix it? like im really confused, and also im a beginner scripter

theres an issue aswell, when you remove the viewmodel as shown above, it doesn’t show the muzzle flash now.



If you would like to have a better preview when editing / adding animations to the blasters I recommend trying two plugins FPS Viewport or FPS Viewer.

FPS Viewport (I prefer this)

FPS Viewer

Both plugins will need a part named Camera Part and positioned in the position the player camera will be at. Fortunately this position is documented in the constants module of the blasters.


That means that if we put the blaster at the position 0, 0, 0 and the part named Camera Part inside it, at X: -0.9 Y: 1.3 Z: 1.3 we get the correct view (yes the position values are inverted).


Do you know a better plugin / tool for that? I would love to hear more suggestions.


the issue with this template is when you disable the viewmodel, the noises and the muzzle flash doesn’t happen

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do NOT do that. we do not need more child gambling games on the website


This template is really cool! Maybe there should also be a gun holding animation for your character? It looks a bit silly seeing people just walk around like this

ignore my third person shenanigans


If its such a big problem why don’t you make it yourself? Its not meant for you to just outright steal and then publish a game with. Thats what little kids do. You can’t expect roblox to hand you a entire FPS system with every feature you wish.

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The gun system in my game has crouch and prone AND aiming down sights, even sliding/dolphin-diving with attachments and weapon skins. I’m a SOLO developer so I made all the animations myself, coded it all myself, and imported the 3D meshes myself. They had an entire team working on this, so I don’t want to hear excuses. I don’t think requesting aiming down sights as a feature in an “FPS” template is too much to ask in 2024 lol. They wanted feedback on the system so I gave it to them, they don’t need you to defend them.

Also if you actually read my comment before rushing to reply, you would have seen my text “I would say these features could be easily added but without any documentation I’m not sure how much of a process each feature would be to implement until digging into the scripts.” You can also find the link to my game with my FPS system at the end of the comment you replied to. Next time try finishing reading a post before responding to it.


So I can just publish this game?

So, uh, I forgot how painful it is to make shotgun-styled reloading. I am going to implode, this is making me question the effort I’m putting in to switch from my old, janky system, to this. Please let implementing ADS be less tiresome than this.


The Laser Tag template is great. For what it is, it does its job well. The rounds system seems pretty well made.

The FPS System template, which is the base of Laser Tag? Not so much. The severe lack of features and the weird complexity of it drag it down. Here’s a list of what I’d consider basic FPS features, which should probably be included in a basic FPS system:

  • Limited ammo. (No infinite reloads.)
  • Ammo types.
  • ADS.
  • Headshots.
  • Shotgun styled reloading support.
  • Crouching.
  • Sprinting.
  • Head and arms following camera in third person.

Also, why are these different ModuleScripts? They each contain 1 function, which could easily be merged into one ModuleScript. That would be more organized and easier to edit.

There already is :wink:
However, the animations were made for R15, and there are no seperate versions for R6, if you are planning on using this kit with R6 players in mind, you could make your own animations and swap them out :smiley:

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I agree this template is not a fully featured FPS system.

We tried to strike a good balance between keeping things simple / demonstrating key concepts, but also making it flexible enough to be useful. It’s a hard balance to get right! Our goal definitely isn’t to replace everyone’s FPS frameworks.

Please let us know which bits feel complex! We want to make this as simple as possible (without diluting too much key functionality)!

Wrt ModuleScripts - there’s a fairly endless debate in software about the best way to organize / group code. Ultimately, this boils down to preference. Here, we tried to keep each standalone method in its own file in the spirit of keeping components isolated, but there’s no right or wrong answer here. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the response! :smiley:

Fair enough, that is very true.

It IS difficult, but I think some of the features I listed would definitely make sense to count as simple features nowadays. Sometimes, a lack of ADS and sprinting can definitely come off as a benefit (most modern day movement shooters prove that), but generally these features do largely improve the player experience.

So, you know that feeling where someone asks you if you have any questions, but you don’t know what questions to ask, due to not knowing what is going on? That’s how this is for me. I think a lot of this could be improved with more comments, including potentially the thought processes behind certain code.

Also, is it just me, or does animating the character with tools not work well? I can edit their animations, but the keyframes don’t show up whatsoever, making it difficult to animate with precision. Hope that gets fixed!