New Leaderboard: Cuts String Values Too Early

NOTE: This feature is for beta users only.

The Issue
As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to read strings on the new leaderboard.

Currently, the list cuts off reasonably sized strings on the leaderboard. This takes away from the experience of some games.

Positive Feedback:

With that said I can appreciate how nice the new design is. It should be a bit closer to the edge of the screen in my opinion but it looks great overall. Thanks for refreshing the look.


Note: There’s a similar issue with the size of the leaderboard - you can find that here:


Still happening today. Both of them are StringValues, but many of my Ranks don’t even fit, especially considering they’re not really long. Value is “Supreme🌺”. If this can’t be adjusted as a default, it would be nice if we could adjust the size ourselves.


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