New material "Glass" hiding SurfaceGui?



I was using the new Glass material when I had noticed that SurfaceGuis weren’t showing up properly behind the material. Just wondering if this was suppose to happen?

Few other examples:

Works perfectly fine with a regular decal.


Introducing New Material: Glass

Warning: Non-opaque Objects - Non-opaque objects are currently not visible through glass. This includes, but is not limited to, transparent parts, decals on transparent parts, particles, and world-space gui objects. This behavior matches the refraction on high quality smooth terrain water. This was implemented so refraction wouldn’t have a large performance impact. This behavior may change. We do not recommend relying on this behavior for gameplay.

Some stuff may have changed since this post, such as what you’re seeing with decals, but this should be the reasoning as to why the SurfaceGui is going into hiding whenever being seen through the glass.


As much of a bug this is, this has a magnitude of new possibilities that where not possible in the past.

I don’t want this fixed.


You’re right, this could be used for various of cool ideas. The issue isn’t that big and could always be worked around by using the plastic material instead.
The person I am working for uses ScreenGui, and this poses as a problem. The plastic material isn’t as nice looking, but it’ll have to do.


Well, I’m assuming that this could be used as a feature by setting this as a property, probably something along the lines of “HideTransparentItems.” Enabling this would leave the “bug” in place, but if you want Surface GUIs visible, leave this off. And, if you want certain GUIs to be visible, then there could be an option for there to be something like the CollisionGroups. Then you could allow the property to only show a certain group, and hide the others.


That actually sounds like a good idea.
Has anyone wrote it on feature requests?