New Merch Booth Developer Module

Hi everyone,

As we build upon our existing developer modules, we have an exciting update for you all! Today, we’re releasing the Merch Booth module. This module will help you include powerful immersive commerce in your experience by pulling items directly from the marketplace and an easy-to-use catalog for game passes or developer products!

As a developer, you can now easily feature and sell all UGC items, game passes, and developer products. UGC items can also help you monetize your game and gain revenue through the 40% affiliate fee we have associated with selling other creators’ items within your experience. This feature has been successfully used in branded experiences such as the Twenty One Pilots and Lil Nas X concerts, the Gucci Garden World, and the In the Heights Launch Party.

Please note: bundles, emotes, animations, and body parts will be coming soon.

Now, you can let your players purchase game-related content and marketplace items to equip in-game! The try-on and purchase flow comes in two forms, a proximity view with an interactive HUD button and a catalog view that contains multiple items.

  • Proximity View: here you can separate all your items into any configuration. Have a wall of shirts, a line up of different hats, add the items into a 3D space you create that others can walk around in! When a player walks up to an item, there will be a button they can click to open up the description/try on page where they can choose to purchase and later equip the item.
  • Catalog View: this version has a button on the screen at all times which, when selected, opens up a catalog of all the marketplace items you have selected (see an example in the image above). Here your players can scroll through all items, filter them, try them on and purchase them! You can also limit the area in which the UI button appears if you don’t want it to be available at all times (only in a store, gazebo, etc.)

We’ve uncopylocked the Roblox Community Space so you can see how all of our modules can come together to form a cohesive experience. You can also check out the Merch Booth Demo experience to see the dev module alone.

How do I use it?

All of our modules are published in Roblox’s model’s library. You can find the direct link to the Merch Booth module above or search for it in the Library. From these pages, add them to your inventory in order to conveniently find them in the “My Inventory” section of Studio’s Toolbox panel.

Then in Studio, you can one-click insert or drag and drop it into your 3D Workspace. Run the experience and the Dev Module will distribute itself to various services and start itself up.

Each Dev Module is designed to work out of the box, so the moment you press play it will just work. If this isn’t your style, as the developer you have full control over the Dev Module and how it works. Advanced users can configure each module in many different ways. Please refer to the documentation to know more!

Documentation & Resources

This pagewill always be updated with the latest information. You can learn more about the Merch Booth module below–

  • Merch Booth: Bring the marketplace to your experience.

Previous Modules

There are many other dev modules that you can plug and play into your experiences, such as emote bar, surface art and more. You can check them out here: Developer Modules | Roblox Creator Documentation

What’s next?

We’re focused on enabling a wider variety of powerful and immersive experiences on Roblox. What would you like to see next?

If you’re using developer modules in your experiences and would like to help design upcoming modules, fill out this form to request access to a private DevForum category with us!

A big shout out to the team making this possible: @complexlint, @TheGreaterWhale, @AngelEthereal, @ghost_naps, @Chocopain, @SolarCrane, @AZKOolKAt, @wiggletsunami, @poppyphizzy, @IgnisRBX, @bagel_enthusiast1


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What really intrigues me about this new Module is the UI. It looks amazing. Definitely gonna check this out.

Is there an estimation date on when the other developer modules in the community space will be released?


No, it wasn’t a prediction. The OP knew in advance. All the up-coming dev modules are in the uncopylocked community space.


Yes! Thank you! Does this include shirts and pants though? (I’m pretty sure it does!)


Yes! Any items from the marketplace can be used in your Merch Booth


You linked the old developer hub that is deprecated. Does that mean the developer modules will stay on the devhub instead of the new documentation or is it a typo?


Truth is that I didn’t actually predict it, I knew it was coming after I saw a “Merch Booth” icon inside of a Roblox admin’s inventory.

All that aside, this is a really good module! It uses Roblox’s fluent design style and allows creators to market their clothing easily. Glad this is being released, can’t wait to see what else we get as a dev module!


All dev modules in the community space are available. Read more about each here


Just to clarify, I can only put mine or my groups merch?


You can include any UGC items :slight_smile:


This update is going to be extremely useful for the games I’m working on. Only problem is that when will a SurfaceGUI update be coming? I’m thinking of making a booklet with a merch booth module in it.


How do I make it work? Please tell me. I’m new to this stuff lol


Where do I put my accessory? Please tell me as I’m not good at this kinda thing


Not speaking as a UGC creator, but isn’t this just reinforcing the already insane 40% affiliate fee? If this is widely adopted, the Catalog might be scarcely used since the Catalog is already outdated and cluttered, making things almost impossible to find since there isn’t proper tag metadata support. UGC creators already have to compete with popular games, this will make it even harder now to compete with all of the games that will utilize this since they can just easily paste in the asset link. I understand this can greatly increase net profits since there’ll be a general increase of transactions but the revenue balance between creators and sellers is way too unfavorable to creators.

On top of the current UGC options, UGC creators should have an option to only allow game sales from a specified list as well as an option to disallow sales within the Catalog itself. This could create exclusivity allowing UGC creators to incentivize purchasing assets outside of the catalog or in their own experiences so they may keep the revenue which would otherwise be going to someone who just pasted the asset link into a module and can generally help with engagement and exposure to other associated products. This would give many UGC creators an advantage in the game development space which I would assume many of the leading developers already qualify for UGC creation. This would also incentivize the UGC creators to not only create assets but to create these marketplaces, whether that be game-integrated shops, in-game purchasable rewards, games exclusively dedicated to creating a marketplace/shopping experience, etc. Purchasable rewards are something that I feel has been long overdue. Imagine being able to buy a hat for your avatar that only 10% of the most dedicated players in [insert game here] have. It’d be a monumentally better version of having a rare trophy since you could show off your achievements through your avatar with exclusive and themed accessories.

I really don’t think it’s fair to creators that spend hundreds or even thousands of hours creating assets only to get a huge amount of their revenue cut from front-page games (if they have All Games sales enabled), and now with the promotion of this module, random less popular games on top of the already encroaching cut from Roblox themselves.

Personally I believe for items sold in-game, UGC creators should make 50% and the affiliate should make 20%. (Currently UGC creators make a measly 30%, while affiliates make 40% just for copy+pasting the asset link into their game.)

I realize the enormous affiliate fee is probably the way of reinforcing and incentivizing all leagues of developers to make games that generate extremely favorable amounts of revenue but the way it is currently, it’s basically fighting and splitting that revenue between two very different types of developers (one side of which I personally don’t think deserves such a high cut) all while Roblox makes more money in the bottom line from the increase of transactions across the board.


This module’s tutorial and relevant information can be found here.


This looks inspired from avatar editor service


This opens the door for many scams.

You can copy the UI, make like a limited hat and sell it for a few thousand sayings its a sale etc. You can hook up with your own gamepass and make thousands off it.


You can do this without the help of this module, I’d even argue that you can find a free model like this in the Roblox toolbox and do whatever malicious thing you’d want to.

This isn’t opening the door at all, it’s already been opened. Also just for reference, limiteds can’t be sold in places. Making a gamepass, making it look like a new limited and having someone gullible enough to buy it is already rare, plus you’ll get terminated for it.


I think maybe that I will just have some idea

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