New "My Money" Page - Available for All Users

Really fantastic update! Looks a lot more clean than before.

The main concern I have is that it looks like pending Robux is included in the total Robux.
This might just be me, but from my point of view, if I don’t have that money in my balance, I don’t want it to be included in the total. The total should be all the money EARNED. Not all the money I earned and GOING to earn.

This threw me off guard when I changed the earnings to “past day” and I saw I made A LOT more Robux than I normally make in a day.


Looks good! Mobile website has some UI offsets like the one in the screenshot. The summary doesn’t have a padding it’s just left of the screen, very sharp to the eye.

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That’s normal Payouts not Premium Payouts



While I’m holding out hope that the new redesigns are easier to edit, allowing for more features later- we have yet to see any indication of future revisions coming to the new designs. So as of now, we are getting prettier redesigns that end up being worse for developers with sizable catalogues of items or purchases.

We’ve seen it with the new creation page, the new inventories, and now the new transactions page. Please stop making everything bulky pages, and add better filtering & search support.
Mobile support is great, consistent design is great, but more and more of these redesigns are getting past the beta stage still requiring developers to use 3rd party extensions for QoL improvements. :confused:


Aside from seeing less information on the page and not being able to set the summary time by default (I liked it before defaulting to being a daily summary whenever I viewed the page), I love the new look and the fact that it now accurately shows our actual earnings after the 30% tax cut on sales.

Great stuff :+1:


Really happy about the modernization of this page, long overdue.

I would like to see more details regarding premium payouts and which games / groups they come from, as it lacks information for developers. Had a discussion with some fellow developers here about it, and they seem to agree.


Really happy to see this page leave the stone age, the UI is much nicer.

However, by paginating our data the need for search/filter/export is made infinitely larger.

We used to hit ‘Load More’ a million times and then use Ctrl+F, now we can’t even do that.


It’s refreshing to see a new simplified interface for my money page. I especially love the new “Currency Purchases” tab.

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Works with dark theme? This is totally a great change for people like me.


Thank you for this much needed page refresh! This is another step in the right direction towards a more modern website. I especially love the mobile support and the more organized layout.

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This is an amazing update however I would use alternating gray/black to make it easier to see which number is which without needing to look too closely.

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I’m having an issue being unable to go back on the commissions tab.
Instead of getting a grayed out arrow, it’s going past all my commissions.

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I believe it could look a bit nicer with padding on both sides as currently it is all right next to the edge which does not look the nicest.

Other than that it looks absolutely amazing and you guys did a good job.

An idea for a feature could be to add sorting of your purchases & sales, so you can order them from largest amount to smallest amount or from the oldest to the latest.

Kind of like this:



Something I noticed on the old one, is you could only go back 1 year, will there be a way to see how much robux you made during the lifetime of your account.


This update is really good. Love how yall are rolling out these new updates!

Also will it be possible to change the dates (costume dates)
for more statistics on sales and whatnot.

Honestly I’m really impressed. Keep it up :+1:


I completely agree! I have no idea why Roblox is deciding to cut down on the information density whenever it is unnecessary and helps nearly no one. A great example of a feature that suffers from this problem would be the leaderboard UI on PC. Some usernames that were easily readable in the old leaderboard are now cut off in the newer one. Moreover, the ability to follow a user simply from clicking their username on the leaderboard was removed for no real apparent reason. Finally, team names are cut VERY short in the current leaderboard design. This final example can present a problem for developers who use team names as an essential part of their game.


Yes! Having the ability to view the sales statistics from a specific time period would be very useful! Currently, the only way to achieve this would be to manually count the sales from the desired time period and do the math (which is not practical at all).


This is great news, seriously. The money page was really outdated. I can’t remember another money page in my 9 years on Roblox. The money page is finally getting attention. Thanks!

As suggested in the posts above, a way to search and filter out (or in) data would be very useful.
For my personal administration, I’d like to be able to export transactions of a certain amount of time as a .CSV file for example (like what’s already possible in the Developer Stats of games).

Keep on the good work!

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The UI seems “clean”, but it only feels that way because the screen is mostly empty. There’s so much wasted space. The information density of the page has plummeted, and getting info from this page now takes even longer than before.

The main problem is the superfluous line wrapping. Each transaction should be a single line.

  • The product name should not be wrapped
  • The time should not be wrapped

As you can see, we can roughly double the information density with ease (and without feeling cluttered) if we just remove the unnecessary line wrapping. We can now fit far more transactions on screen.



I would also appreciate an option for larger page sizes. I wouldn’t mind waiting some load time if it meant I got 200 at once instead of a measly 10.


I have always wanted to see the summary for specific months, not just 30 days, but the precise amount of days within a given month, or the current amount of days within the current month. Those are the options I’m most interested in, but fully custom date filtering would be nice as well.