New "My Money" Page - Available for All Users

Hi everyone,

We’ve been working on a new version of the My Money page, which is now live for Beta Testers!

UPDATE: The page is now rolled out for all users.

The new page has all the features of the legacy page, but with some improvements:

:new_moon_with_face: Works with dark theme!
:100: Many more transaction types! You’ll be able to see your premium payouts, premium stipends, currency purchases, Robux from trades, and more!
:arrow_right_hook: The summary page will now also show Outgoing Robux, to help you keep track of your Robux spending
:vibration_mode: Mobile friendly! Check your transactions on the go!
:gift: More Thumbnails support for items, users, and groups!

Because this update brings the page up to modern standards, it will be much easier for us to make iterative improvements to My Money in the future.

If the new page is available to you, please feel free to report any bugs in this thread.

Huge shoutout to @JayePirate for all their hard work updating this page, and special thanks to @bitwiseandrea and @smoothestbrain_NA for their help


Q: Why is the amount of my Sales different?
A: We are showing all Sales information as post-tax, so that you know exactly how many Robux you have made

Q: How do I get access to this page?
A: It will be gradually rolled out to all users, so you will need to be patient. Initially we will be enabling it only for Beta Testers.

Q: Why can’t I see all the different transaction types?
A: To make the page easier to navigate, we only surface transaction types that you’ve executed at least once in the past.

Q: How do I become a Beta Tester?
A: See this thread for more information.

Q: When will this new page be live for all users?
A: Soon. We want to make sure we take care of any edge cases bugs before rolling it gradually to all our users.

Q: I have a feature request for My Money/My Transactions.
A: The goal of this UI upgrade is to bring this system up to Roblox standards. Feel free to post the feature request in the Feature Requests section of the Developer Forum.


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It looks great for sure! I’m happy about mobile compatibility and theme consistency.

One downside of the new layout is that now I can view less information on the same page. For users with many sales items it is very tedious to scroll over pages 10 line items at a time to find what you need. Before, you could see many more lines of information at the same time.

e.g. taken from a bug report before the change:

Currently I can only see 10 at a time:

This lower information density problem with the newer layouts should be a known concern to Roblox, for example there’s a request here that was made when the group sales got a similar treatment:

The information density reduction is especially bad because the transactions page has no way to search, filter, show more items per page, or even just to jump ahead in pages, or download a spreadsheet with all values in a date range, etc. I understand accessibility and design were prioritized here but was it also considered from the point of view of developers that get hundreds of transaction line items a day? It makes it less usable overall for power users / top developers.

This change makes the need for transaction search and filtering even more prevalent:


This is an amazing change! Love its new, up-to-standards look! :crescent_moon:

Thank goodness new transaction types have been created, instead of mushing all transactions into one category! I’d like to see the following two requests implemented, though:

They are both absolutely necessary, and the update, while simply stupendous, did not solve these two crucial issues. It would drastically improve UX!

Having only four choices (past day, past week, past month, past year) simply isn’t enough.


We really, really need a search filter! Having a page format is terrible when looking for a specific transaction. So much clicking!

Would love to see at least a scroll bar, or transactions all on one page.


I also have a feature request in mind for this page, which I will write shortly. I will link it later!

Thank you so much! :heart:


I’ve always concerned about this. How do you know wich transaction is a commission? That filter is already in the current My Money tab but it is always empty. Wich exact transactions appear there?



Really glad to see that the transactions page is finally getting some needed love! One minor change I’d like to see in the future is aligning the “Incoming” and “Outgoing” next to each other. Currently, there is a lot of whitespace on bigger screens.


YES FINALLY… [color="#111111"] Dark[/color] theme for the ‘My Robux’ page! Luckily I won’t have to see this again when I just want to visit the page at night.


Thanks again Roblox for these great updates benefiting developers.

I just have a question. What is this? Is it possibly a leak for leaderboard nametags/custom names?


Sooooo, as soon as I went to the “My Money” page I notice that I have an @ tag! This shows a nod to the upcoming nickname change update so we can change our tag, just like Twitter! :smiley: So far, I love this update! You’ve been doing awesome Roblox! Keep it up! :smiley:image


Premium payouts are from Roblox. They should be from the game or group.

Sponsored games are still using the old Roblox logo.


Been waiting for an overhaul for this page for a very long time - looks really good.

Not really a bug or a feature request (don’t have permission to post there regardless), but will the source of premium payouts ever be changed to show the game where the payouts were generated from? At the moment all of them are sourced from Roblox and having it show the game source can be helpful for marketing analysis.


Super glad to see another white page get overhauled, and nice to see all the extra options. It’s nice to be able to see commissions especially, I had no idea these even existed until I bumped into them after downloading a revenue report for my game.

However there is definitely not enough line items shown onscreen at once, I have to paginate forever to see anything. This is something that developers previously made feature requests about because they needed a way to see even more data than was previously shown, and this is an even further step back from that.

Some things off that I noticed right away:

  • This is the first time I’ve seen an @ used, I don’t think displaynames should be showing up here if they’re not all over the website yet.

  • Badge purchases and presumably other purchases on the Purchases page are not on brand.

  • When you paginate on certain pages, the line items are not all of the same height so the pagination controls can jump around.

  • I think there should be more padding beside the pending sale icon and the text/robux amount. It feels weirdly cramped. There is better padding in the configure group > revenue page.

    This is better:

  • I don’t like that the entire grid cell including empty space is clickable when it’s a link, this will just lead me to accidentally navigating away from the page.


Wow! Thank you so much! It looks amazing! The dark theme is even better, my eyes thank you in so many ways! :sunglasses:

Thank you for making it less confusing, it’s very annoying to see robux come into your account and have no idea where it’s from.

Now I know! It’s awesome! :slightly_smiling_face:

One feature request: Please include which group the Premium Payouts are from!

This is a bit confusing.


Sorry, I forgot to blur out the numbers. :grimacing:

there will be an option to see all time money earned? or select specific months?


for some reason, the transactions page look like it zoom on a resolution 1452 x 817(my pc resolution)

100 Default Zoom

90 Zoom

this looks a lot better with zoom being 90 on my screen


This is super clean but I would really like a way to visit a certain page or view more transactions at once, instead of clicking the arrows over and over to find what I need. Or, perhaps a search bar to find specific transactions.

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Oops, just found something…


This is a bug and shouldn’t be happening.


Premium Payouts are nearly useless, I can’t tell which Group nor Game I’m getting R$ from

Please for the love of builder man add a search / filter feature.

  • Search and Filter by Username / UserId, Item, Time, Sales

I feel like this is just an UI update rather than an actually QOL and UX update, it still lacks basic functionality that we been asking for years (Filter and Search)…


This is really cool! I appreciate that they have finally implemented dark mode, plus I love the new features. Thank you so much! :heart:


I do like the new update although it would’ve been nice if we also could download earnings data from the previous years too. That is the one feature I honestly found to be missing the most.


New menu looks really good, however it doesn’t seem like it applies the 30% tax to group payouts.