New Properties for Texture

Hi, three property suggestions for Texture objects:

  • Float Texture.OffsetU
  • Float Texture.OffsetV
  • Boolean Texture.RandomOffset

Here’s a picture of five planks of default Roblox wood texture:

It looks fine. However, I want to use some wood textures of my own. Here’s my textures:

This doesn’t look right because the planks are all exactly the same. In comparison, you can appreciate that Roblox’s built in textures apply a random offset to all material textures so they don’t look homogeneous.

I’m suggesting the boolean RandomOffset property to get the same behavior for Textures. It would apply some random horizontal offset between 0 and StudsPerTileU, and similarly a vertical offset between 0 and StudsPerTileV.

And if this is being implemented, a manual offset property would be nice to have as well.


Offset is being worked on according to the trello board.

I think this property would make more sense as a Seed if it were a thing, rather than a random offset. Control is always the number one priority. But when you think about it, it’s kind of a pointless property when you can set it yourself. Offset would do just fine.

StudsOffsetU and StudsOffsetV are needed to be able to use spritesheets in the physical world. ImageButton and ImageLabel have ImageRectOffset, and these could be used on SurfaceGuis, but then they wouldn’t fit to the shape of the part like a decal or texture.

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the way I’d fix this in other game engines is by overlapping the textures a bit It makes it look less repetitive. But yes, an offset generator would be great too. (AND NORMAL MAPS! :D)

Where can we see this trello board? Or isn’t it public. Because im really curious now.

It was closed. Staff members said they were working on a better alternative when they closed it.

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I would guess this would be the “better alternative”, but I would rather not have to wait three years for a new feature that replaces textures when they could just get an offset property.

Better alternative for the Trello – not this feature.