New Studio Template - Baseplate 2021

This is amazing, my only criticism is that I dont want to make a new game to get the 2021 baseplate, even if I can transfer over the effects and all (its a fully 2d game so there is no need for that but that still applies to other developers), do you guys plan on adding an option to update your game to baseplate 2021 if you are using the current baseplate?


This is pretty cool but I do hope for more customization in the future in terms of developers being able to fully customize their default baseplates as well as other starter assets (e.g. lighting, skybox, etc.).


As i said you never know they can delete it RIGHT now if they want to


After reading the announcement I was thinking “NO! Please don’t change the current studio set up” But after seeing the updated version, MAN is it an amazing improvement.

Major props to the people who put this together, it’s amazing :+1:


And remember, you can still make the old baseplate by placing a part in a blank world, setting the color to 99, 95, 98, setting its size to 512*20*512, setting its position to 0, -10, 0, and anchoring it.

And you can set the lighting ambient to 138, 138, 138, set the color shift bottom and color shift top to 0,0,0, set the environment diffuse and specular scale to 0, set the outdoor ambient to 128, 128, 128, set the clock time to 14, set the latitude to 41.733, set the atmosphere density to 0.395, and the offset to 0, set the atmosphere state color to 199, 170, 107, set the atmosphere state decay to 92, 60, 13.

Use these sky textures:
SkyboxBk: rbxasset://textures/sky/sky512_bk.tex
SkyboxDn: rbxasset://textures/sky/sky512_dn.tex
SkyboxFt: rbxasset://textures/sky/sky512_ft.tex
SkyboxLf: rbxasset://textures/sky/sky512_lf.tex
SkyboxRt: rbxasset://textures/sky/sky512_rt.tex
SkyboxUp: rbxasset://textures/sky/sky512_up.tex


Omg yes finally man Inlove that Roblox is growing into a “big boi game” as I would say and as a young developer and just started High School and playing Roblox since 2015 I love that Roblox is changing for the best and hopefully more people come play Roblox and won’t think of it as baby game even though it isn’t so yeah the next step into the metaverse


Not gonna lie, I am really liking the new Baseplate look. image


You can always copy and paste the lighting effects you want


Shoot, I’m going to have to update my baseplate speedrun now.

But seriously, this is a much welcomed change. The old one was starting to look a little bland and wasn’t really matching the feel of Roblox anymore. I wonder if it would be possible to get a theme-based baseplate option as well.


Yea, even though this is something we weren’t expecting, it is still nice!

It could get newer developers to understand lighting a little bit more.


  • Will the OG baseplate get removed?
  • Will we see this with Flat Terrain also?

Awesome! I am guessing the neutral skybox is there for the Clouds instance to be used. Looking forward to PBR being the next big thing in ROBLOX.

Also, a pre-created Spawnlocation? Finally.


As a 2009 roblox veteran, and a long time studio monkey who would go into studio for hours when I was little to take apart different models, I grew up with the old baseplate.

It’s definitely going to be hard to see our old friend leave us that was there through thick and thin all of the late nights, all of the long hours working on games.

However the show must go on. At the end of the day change is necessary to keep going. It’s going to take a while to get over not seeing those happy studs welcoming you to your new baseplate.

But heres some of the positives of this new update :

  1. The larger size is the first one im going to point out this is going to be really nice for testing things like car chassis that just run off the baseplate forcing you to add multiple baseplates to compensate.
  2. I think the discoverability aspect is important to get users more acclimated to the new way of doing things.

However this update does make my models look alot better and the diamond tester agrees…

This update passes the vibe check


I’m probably being really picky here but I feel like I should mention some of my thoughts on the new baseplate. I’d like to start with how the spawn part is sized, to me it looks rather weird and should be scaled to exactly a 2x2 square size to fit within the lines. Another thing is that if you wanted to start from scratch you will have to delete the lighting effects and the spawn point, just making it inconvenient. Overall I hope this doesn’t replace the original baseplate, I prefer it more.


The only differences between the baseplate we have now and the new one is its size (512x512 to 2048x2048) & a new default texture for its top. The texture can very easily be copy pasted from the template place and the baseplate’s size can already be adjusted.

Regardless of what someone would like to transfer from this new template, it’s just a matter of a quick copy paste.


I’m probably one of the only people who thinks this update is kinda ehhh. I do like the new baseplate, but in my opinion there should be a baseplate (Legacy) and baseplate (2021).

Basically I just like simple things lol


I like the new style of the template, it looks more proffesional and it will be eazy when building things!
Thanks alot.


I saw this in studio today, a great adjustment.


It’s nice to see that you’re making that smooth surface texture the default haha, I already apply it on any baseplate place I create. Nice update!


The new baseplate sure looks more like a “testing” place to me. Anyways its nice to see it getting polished

If the old baseplate was to get removed. Oh well it was fun using the default template.


Cool and all but I prefer the old baseplate template and would appreciate if there was a setting to have that be your default one when clicking File > New for example, etc.