New Studio Template & Endorsed packs!

I did not expect to see you here out of every place :astonished:

Simply not happening. You could buy a powerful PC for the price of an iPad.

check ur 3090 u probabbly got scam, it is actually ez to run

Already did. When I got it. It’s a normal 3090.

really nice addition and it looks to be a perfect template to practice interior building


Ok but why was the old one deleted from the template page? This template takes a long time to load. The old is still good for testing small things, and I think the old is better. In short, will the old one come back to the template page?

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Do you have problems like me with fitting with the 7.5 studs setting?

Can’t you simply change the setting in Model?

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No, but I thought it was somehow specially prepared better, so that it would be easy to move and set :slight_smile:

Man this reminds me of an old place of mine, cannolis…

Brings a tear to my eye to see this beautiful creation.

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Sorry I don’t understand, I haven’t tried the template yet but why can’t you change the Increment? It might be a bug

Fabulous improvement… interesting how it is named “Modern City,” should I get excited for “Futuristic City?” (pls pls)


I just tried out the new template, it took minutes to load and allow me to move, and then it didn’t even load minutes after, I really like the new map! But it should be optimised a bit if you ask me :sweat_smile:

Omg I love this update thank you <3

We can’t give any estimates today on when we’d release additional templates like this, but seeing the reactions here definitely makes us motivated to do so!


Feel free to rotate and position however you like - the settings are recommended to make it easy to snap the modular building kit assets together.


Thanks for sharing, your place looks great! Feel free to grab anything useful from the template and endorsed packs.


Yes, that’s correct! You can enter any value you’d like into the “Snap to Grid” Rotate and Move fields. When building with the Modern City kit, we recommend setting your “move” snaps to 7.5 studs, and your rotate value to “45”.


Now that I saw the template I understand more clearly, I thought it’s setting were locked at that, but after seeing the template I understand :sweat_smile:

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