New Tech Demo: City People Cars

Yeah, thats the same with my laptop, but ive not tested the game on it yet.

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The game looks really good. However, I get 15-20 FPS at the start and 60-70 frames the more i play it. (i use the FPS Unlocker by the way.) I do not have a good CPU

My Specs:
CPU: Intel Core i7-10750H 2.6GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070


It looks great! I even did a stress test, here ya go!

My laptop is a steady 60 fps.

My phone is a rice cooker

It looks realistic, I’ma use it in a game and of course, credit.



That looks like a legendary improvement to the platform and thanks a lot for uncopylocking it. I’ll try to learn from it as much as I can so I can improve my scripting skills in roblox even more.
Other than that. I made a small video just to give highlight to this great creation.
It was quick but I hope you like it :smiley:

All the credits to the creators of the game are in the description of the video


Tons of issues… possible memory leaks?

Microprofiler goes nuts when you look anywhere but the sky…


Game’s ok… Lots of bugs. When I was testing it the cars our a miss for me. The opening the door then having a NPC attempt to get out and then you getting in with the door opening and closing…

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Game is really great! But I think there is a little too much rthro in my opinion? The graphics are also really great! The thing is, there was a bit of lag, and you could shoot people when you were dead. Other than those issues, the game is really good!

Its fun but every time you leave your car, an npc steals it. And sometimes it glitches:


I can rotate camera when climbing


I’m not really sure how this is a tech demo. The map itself isn’t that impressive and most of the systems in the game are either glitchy or just act weird.

It feels more like an amateur project rather than something Roblox would want to advertise as a “demo”.


Game takes really long time to load everything in, no matter how well it’s built all I can see is blocks for majority of the time.

I have a 1070TI, 32GB RAM and an AMD ryzen and a good internet, so I don’t think this is a spec issue as others appear to have a similar experience.

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Looks somewhat realistic, but as others have said there is a memory leak somewhere. The memory usage increases overtime. When you look at the park, either it’s just me or the FPS significantly drops and lag goes brrrrr

The first half of the microprofiler is me looking at the park, and the other is looking at some buildings. I did look at the park, you can see in the minimap I was next to it.
This happens most of the time I believe when you face the park, doesn’t matter how far you are, unless this is just me or it’s not the park??

Also, I can still shoot my gun when I’m dead. Or am I dead since I can still shoot the gun? :thinking:

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This is very amazing, I love it.
Along with the textures, NPC and many more.


Not bad job. City is great and nice to explore. Cars handle nicely.

A couple of issues though: Terrain is very poor quality, NPC’s are kinda buggy and there are possible memory leaks in the system.

Other than that, good job @Roblox!

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really fun but , there is alot bugs!!

Nice GTA 5 experience. However tho, this woman kinda floating.

And uh, how about this? Gun in the car!
Also my mother is driving me to school :open_mouth:

Pretty fun, not gonna lie!


Using the road and block assets, I finally created the horror game I always wanted to.

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god tier name sniping right there

Same for you EpicCheatCodes


The game is good, but it’s all too large to fit for an export. My fans were going off the rails when I had the game running in studio!

The game is fine if you play it through the client, but if you plan on messing around with it in studio any time soon, then be prepared to give your computer an excercise (or a run for its life?) :flushed:

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Looks like there are malicious scripts in some of the models? This is from the place file downloaded right from the game link.