New Tech Demo: City People Cars

Sounds like a great reason to upgrade your rig! We try to make Studio run as performantly as possible, but yes this is a huge map with a lot of content in the city.


Thanks for reporting, the module had already been moderated previously. Will update the file tomorrow.


I deleted the gun system given in the template and replaced it with the roblox weapons kit but after replacing everything broke, NPCs wont spawn and when reseting you wont respawn can someone please tell me how do i fix this.

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Agree with the points above. We have a number of initiatives to address this issue in the toolbox. We will swap in an updated build.

Separately, the artist who snuck in this asset from the toolbox has to play nothing but broken obbys and fidget spinner simulators for 24 hours straight.


We like the precise setting, but this is a good point. We’ll do a pass on this and update (will also be good for the endorsed packs).


I need more experience driving cars into walls! If we had more time we’d probably do another pass on the engine sounds and code there.


whatcha doing mate?


Issues - TOO LAGGY and whenever I pressed E to drive, the NPC got out and instead, there was another NPC created who was driving. After spamming E a few times, I could get on the car but there was a huge population around me. You get the bug, right? It’s putting another NPC because there’s an empty car as soon as the driving npc gets off when I press E.

Another thing - Can I use these in my game? Like I will just copy paste and boom.


I already included my specs in the reply. I was running it on a mid-high end Windows 10 gaming PC.

Glad to hear that!

The second I kick someone out of a car a new person gets in lol

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I tried it with Auto Graphics this morning, and updated my experience in my original post.

Ok, I am going to try and make this into a cool game :laughing:

So, is the weapon system the game uses the one from Roblox’s battle Royale?

Do the vehicles work on mobile and Xbox?

Can you add more NPC’s

Will copy and pasting this into another new game break anything?

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Precise is cool but I’m not sure how well it scales for large worlds, especially on mobile. Memory consumption is a big issue we’ve had to deal with getting our game to run well on mobile. The end goal of the optimizations was to help widen the range of mobile devices that can handle running the place without crashing.

For parts that don’t have collision it’s definitely overkill. I made sure any MeshPart that has CanCollide = false used box collision so it wasn’t storing a collision mesh in memory.

One other interesting case study of where Default collision is a problem is with these houses.

Because the walls are detailed and bumpy, the decomposition geometry breaks down way more than it reasonably needs to.

While precise undoubtedly looks better, I still think the details could be simplified since it’s just static geometry for players to collide with. It seems unlikely that players would notice the difference if these walls were flat rather than bumpy because of the bricks.

Thus I tend to use Box and Hull, or add my own invisible part geometry to represent the collision if I need more precision than what is provided by those options.

Perhaps a Performance CollisionFidelity option could be on the cards someday? It would have the precision of PreciseConvexDecomposition but with surface details simplified and adjacent flat faces merged together where possible.


i really loved your work tbh. u just gave your hours to optimise it. well done!


Really good! Runs extremely well on max graphics, the buildings and cars are highly detailed and look really well!
It’s just that whenever you take someone out of their car another npc get’s in immediately, if you do this long enough the car can fly in the air. The NPC avatar generation was a bit weird too, you have an npc with a normal citizen body but a robot head?
But the demo was actually really good.


Thanks, appreciate the time you spent writing this up. Agree on the overly aggressive NPC’s. We continue to work on lighting/shadows, LOD systems etc. and there is lots more work to do.


Yes all of the assets are yours to use freely. We will be releasing them in a more organized/streamlined way in endorsed model packs very soon.


The NPC’s instantly get back in the car if you remove them, and there is a glitch where the car flies in the air if you spawn tons then blow up the car


No this is very far away from that. This would be a AAA game in 2013.

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It would say its on the same level as the will U maybe a bit better