New Terrain and Parts Materials Preview Build! Oh YES!

Please, please let us keep the older materials.


For years now we’ve had the materials we all know and love but as the platform grows we’ve adapted to new things.

I’ve moved on to a more cartoony feel of Roblox whilst others have moved towards a realistic feeling.
But now let us answer the question they’ve been wanting.

We are currently going to automatically upgrade all experiences to these new materials. If you open a place you made 3 years ago, your materials will automatically upgrade with no way to revert to the current ones. Is this acceptable, or would you prefer that new experiences get the new materials and existing ones have to be explicitly upgraded?

List of users that would like the ability to use the old/current materials.

@Unity_456 Message Link
@Blue_blockhead Message Link
@Mukar Message Link
@AstralBlu_e Message Link
@IdontPlayz343 Message Link
@LordHenryVonHenry Message Link

There are most likely a lot more but I didn’t feel like going through all 600 messages :roll_eyes:

What would you prefer?
  • New Materials Only
  • Old Materials Only
  • Mix the two materials in one pack
  • Have settings to swap between the two
  • Other (Comment)

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There should be a sponge material. A lot of people used the pebble material as a sponge material or a coral material because it looks like that. But now pebble actually looks like pebbles which is good but it makes sponges look weird. So I think there should be a sponge material to compensate for that.


I like this, but you didn’t really add any materials. Like, tons of people use different materials for different things than they are meant to be, like how @cunpliy said that people use the pebbles texture for sponges, or maybe how people use slate as bricks (bad example), but still, you get the gist. I think you should add more textures, like maybe making a Moss material or a Rope material. Thanks for the cool update though.

Better example is sand material as water.

Original announcement post here


cool new materials, and they look pretty nice close up, however as with the current textures, the new concrete texture has really visible tiling which makes it look terrible:

with games such as mine where players will be spending most of their time above the map, this isn’t great :confused:


Please add a smooth plastic texture for terrain! Not everyone wants their game to be ultra realistic.


I completely agree!
This will wreck some games!
For example, someone used Sand in Bloxburg or Studio to make a wallpaper, like you said.

Bam, now it looks like something is dripping from the ceiling.

Also, multiple versions of textures could be much better. You can have modern marble, but with no tiles and then the one with tiles!

Or you can have large bricks and small bricks.

This is outrageous. I didn’t notice this. I thought they’d be automatically replaced in your game but you can put them back to old.

there’s no point in posting more evidence to this claim, but the woods, brick, and grass part textures desperately need to be redone. entirely. They just do not fit the style properly, they look out of place.

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The woods look better than ever before, though regular wood needs some toning down with the amount of knots, and the wooden planks need more. The planks also need to be stretched a bit and a bit less random. Brick looks way better than the first iteration, though the mortar could be brightened. It looks pretty good now, though having the choice between small and large bricks would be nice. I agree with you on grass though, it looks ugly and just like all the other natural materials, the tiling is ugly, and it doesn’t fit in with the other material’s (besides ground) realism. Plastic is too hard to notice. Metal is too dark. Ground is ugly. Sand could be a bit less random, but looks pretty decent overall (It already was going to die as a cloth material due to upcoming reflection updates, which stresses the need for an actual cloth material). Concrete is controversial.


This looks amazing. Although I couldn’t help but wonder if you’re considering on adding the ability to paint/ modify the color of terrain in specific locations? I would love to be able to paint different shades of grass depending on the location. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but I’d like to reopen the conversation to hopefully obtain a definite answer.


The more I play with these new materials, the more cartoony I’m realizing this change is. I think that’s a good thing but I could see it hurting projects going for a totally different style.

I think Asphalt should be a larger texture. It looks like a concrete or plastic from a normal distance away. Asphalt in realty is quite chunky, maybe a bit smaller than what the new Pebble is.


Some materials are much more realistic now, such as wood planks. Sadly, pretty much all the materials used in Jailbreak turned cartoony, and the cars are super reflective now since they’re made of metal. Try opening some of your showcases to see how they look, they may give a different result.

Working on a game soon to be released, which uses terrain with procedural generation I am quite worried with the materials significantly changing without the ability to modify them, or atleast still use the old materials. However, I did try to compare the differences and they do not seem major so far. It does look better in some regards, in others it loses it’s low-res arcade style. I am more than happy with any new materials coming to Roblox, especially terrain updates. But an option to opt-out is a must, as it could change the visuals of already existing projects in a negative way!

Since I’m using Voxel lighting it doesn’t seem to make too much of a difference. But there is a change present for sure.


For now, I Adore these new textures!
The news textures are much more high quality, with better PBR but maybe less or different use cases.

My favorite ones are Wood/Wood planks and Brick, they definitely look realistic with a much more modern way

Another thing that I really like is the fact that you guys added Terrain materials which look really good and I am sure it will help!

My only suggestion is maybe to keep some old textures as Additional option to choose like old cobblestone which will be its own material just like the new ones, other than the grass which wasn’t really good, I like this update and I am looking forward seeing them released :smiley:

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Also just saying you’re using an older build. The newest build looks a bit more better.

Really :thinking:
Can you link me to the latest build?

It’s also on the post and was released for quite a while.
Cracked lava can glow now
Cobblestone looks so much better and now looks really good
No more forced colouration (though there still is on a few materials)
Better blending though it’s glitched
The brick material also looks soo much better
And more

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Ah thanks, was searching for it :slightly_smiling_face:

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